Shovel Knight – ‘Let’s Play’ with GIGAMAX

Shovel Knight is one of those classic Indie Games that deserves credit. When games today offer 4k resolution at 60fps, many gamers are looking for graphics. Offering an 8bit, 2D platformer that can pull a modern gamer’s attention is impressive.

We wanted to help show off what this beautiful platformer has to give. From unique enemies to amusing dialog, it is absolutely worth the money. Another added bonus, purchasing Shovel Knight on Playstation Vita opens up the game on Playstation 4. If you’re still on the fence about spending the money, take a look at our Let’s play series. In the play through, we dive right into the game and start slaying.

Overall Shovel Knight has delivered hours of entertainment and some exciting adventures. The game is challenging but not overwhelming. Expect more great footage of this wonderful game in the near future.

Specter of Torment DLC

Gigamax jumps back into Shovel Knight with the Nintendo Switch! The Switch just dropped and one of the first games available on the new console is Shovel Knight DLC, Specter of Torment. Hope you all enjoy the Shovel Knight playlist and always check back as Gigamax continues on in the future!

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Can you dig it?