The Division: Upcoming 1.6 Update Announced with GIGAMAX

The Division: Tons Of New Content With 1.6

Last Friday, Ubisoft gave a first look into the final DLC for their popular 3rd person shooter, The Division. A day later they detailed that the free update will be released right before the paid content comes out. The update and DLC will be released on the same day for all platforms, unlike the last two which appeared on Xbox One and PC first.


Ubisoft explained in a blog post that update 1.6 will add a ton of new content to The Division. First off, the update will implement a Dark Zone North, this will contain Dark Zones 7, 8, and 9. The developer said in the blog post that the conditions in these areas is “especially bleak” ( Ubisoft also noted that these areas will be brutal and the scenery will be very eerie. The new areas will double the size of the Dark Zone and will contain new NPC encounters and “Landmarks” to clear.

The Big Changes?

One of the biggest additions coming with  1.6 is the new Dark Zone event “Contamination.” Every hour, fire obsessed cleaner NPC’s will show up in the underground areas to burn contaminated body bags. The player is tasked with eliminating these hostiles while simultaneously avoiding lethal disease levels. Alongside this, leaderboards will be implemented so that their is a more competitive feel to the Dark Zone.


A new “Legendary” difficulty is being added to three missions Times Square, WarrenGate Power Plant and Napalm Production Site. The enemies in this difficulty are apparently ruthless, adapting to all player status effects, skills and health levels. Hostiles will also try to keep a low profile and constantly be on the offensive by utilizing flanking techniques. If a player manages to complete this difficulty setting, new exclusive loot will be earned. Ubisoft said that while there are only three missions to start, they have plans to add more at a later time.

Weapons Get An Update

Named weapons will also be seeing an update. When 1.6 launches, these weapons will be known as “exotics.” The change will color code all of these tools and give them lore text.


PvP is getting updated as well. Ubisoft said that the changes are intended to make it more rewarding and fun to play. Hip firing will be less effective by lowering stability while the player’s character is moving. A new camera setting is also being implemented to make it more challenging to get shots while firing without aiming. Players can also expect to see less of a difference between head and body shots. Lastly a one second delay is being added between dodge rolls and reloading while sprinting.

Ubisoft ended the blog post by stating that update 1.6 will not be the end of the game. As of now no further DLC or updates have been announced but due to the game’s overall success we will likely see an announcement in the near future (Perhaps E3). Gigamax will have further coverage of the update when it is released so keep checking back on more info on The Division!


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