The Last Guardian was one of the most anticipated games of 2016. This adventure game follows the adventures of a boy and his dog-bird-cat creature. Waking up in a grove next to a monster your civilization has labeled “people eater”,  is never a good situation but our hero makes the best of it and a new friend in the process. You (‘The Boy’) and Trico (the beast) need to figure out puzzles, battle knights, and traverse the environment to get the boy back home. The Last Guardian is one of the best games to come out this year but has a few things holding it back such as a wonky camera and awkward controls.

Trico and The Boy chilling

Join us as we dive into this world Team Ico has designed. In this video we show off the first 20 minutes of the game so that you guys can see if the game was worth the 9 year wait.  The video starts with Mack waking up in a strange land next to his new best friend/butterfly addict. Our adventure continues with a lot of laughs and insight into Trico’s serious insect problem. Watch as we fall in love with a monster and satiate his hunger as he satiates our lack of lightning powers.

We hope you all enjoy our trek through this magical land filled with magic, mystery, and butterflies… Seriously there is like a f****ing ton of butterflies. Make sure you keep up with our play through on our official Gigamax Youtube Channel and click that subscribe button so you know exactly when our next part is up!  Also take a look at our Twitch Channel where you can get a live look at not only the latest video game releases but also plenty of Indie game coverage as well. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more videos!

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