Titanfall 2 – Pilot Helmet Walkthrough

Titanfall 2 has offered hours of entertainment from both multiplayer and the story. The addition of a story mode is something that is brand new to franchise. It was a great move on the developer, Respawn Entertainment’s part and the video below will help you get the most out of the campaign.

In the Titanfall 2 campaign walkthrough, we set out to show all the locations of the pilot helmets. These easter eggs are located throughout the campaign. The video doesn’t just include the pilot helmet locations, the entire play though is included! We had to include the entire playthrough rather than just cut to the pilot helmet locations since the campaign offered so much value. Viewers can see that Respawn Entertainment really listened to the community and delivered a worthwhile single player experience.

Running through this fast paced first-person shooter is an exhilarating experience. The graphics are incredible and the gameplay is smooth. Again, this is the first Titanfall with a story but they put it together nicely. Gigs even said that Titanfall 2 had the best mission in any first-person shooter he’s ever played. Can’t wait to see what he means so be sure to stay tuned.

Hope you all enjoy part 1 & 2 of our pilot helmet campaign walkthrough. More to come! Finally, don’t forget to subscribe!