Firestorm, the battle royale mode that's coming to Battlefield V, has leaked before its official release this month. The leak comes in the form of the mode's tutorial video, which recently appeared in multiple places online.

Battlefield V Firestorm Get's Leaked

As fans will be able to see in the video, the mode contains a solo, duo, and squad mode. Players drop into the map from above then compete to find weapons and items littered around the map and fight until there's one person left standing. Firestorm will also have three tiers of weapons: common, rare, and epic.

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The new mode will also allow for downed players to fire their sidearm while they are waiting for players to pick them back up. Unlike the recently released Apex Legends, players will not be able to truly resurrect their squad members.

Firestorm's development was not handled by the main Battlefield V team but instead by an EA owned studio named Criterion. The mode will contain a total of 64 players fighting to win with not only Battlefield V's guns, but vehicles like tanks and other troop transports.

EA responded to the leak with a cryptic tweet that seems to confirm its validity. The tweet reads "*Checks Reddit* More to come" then contains a video of a ring of fire closing in on a squad of soldiers. It seems like DICE is preparing to reveal more on Firestorm very soon. Fore more on Battlefield V and its new mode be sure to keep checking back with us here at