Link’s Awakening Nintendo Switch Playlist

Link’s Awakening is back in a big way. Originally released on GameBoy, it is now available on Nintendo Switch. 

Completely rebuilt from the ground up, Link’s Awakening is not your normal remaster, this is a brand new Link’s Awakening on the Switch. The same great game but new art, mechanics, and on a brand-new console, this rebirth is giving people a second chance to play Link’s Awakening. There are so many beautiful adventures to be had, but is this game right for you?

Link’s Awakening Nintendo Switch Playlist

New fans of the Legend of Zelda series will need to be careful when picking up new Zelda titles. Breath of the Wild completely transformed the way the world looks at the Legend of Zelda. Link’s Awakening is a callback to a simpler time for the hero in the green tunic. 

Old fans will need to take a couple of minutes to see some gameplay before buying Link’s Awakening, too. Even though it’s based on a classic Zelda game, it had a serious facelift. This is not that original GameBoy game with some new paint. Link’s Awakening on Nintendo Switch is an entirely new adventure. 

Before anyone buys Link’s Awakening, take a quick look at the playlist above! 

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