Little Town Hero | Preview & Combat Playlist

Little Town Hero | Preview & Combat Playlist

Little Town Hero is Game Freak’s latest creation. Known for their world-renowned series, Pokemon, Little Town Hero is something a little different. Combat is complex, the artwork is stunning, and it’s also a little odd. 

Little Town Hero – YouTube Playlist with Gigamax Games

The Gigamax Games crew goes in nearly blind. Gigs and Mack are just beginning their Little Town Hero adventure. Available now on the Nintendo Switch, Little Town Hero caught their eye and the crew needed to see what Game Freak made available to the world. They were not disappointed.

After struggling to understand the combat mechanics, the game starts to make much more sense. Gigs and Mack are only in the early stages of the game but it becomes clear quickly that quite a bit of strategy will go a long way in taking down enemies. Turn-based combat with a mix of forced fight relocations and random events stack up to a near-infinite amount of possible outcomes in a combat sequence. 

Not every Game Freak fan will enjoy Little Town Hero. It has a much different pace than their most famous series, Pokemon. Still, it is wildly unique and visually stunning. Take a few minutes to check out some gameplay as the Gigamax Games crew offers their very first insights into what makes Little Town Hero stand out.

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