Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Catch Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Catch Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield are home to plenty of secret and rare Pokemon that are in need of catching. Find out how to catch Sizzlipede, Applin, Sinistea, Darumaka, and Dreepy.

Pokemon Sword and Shield YouTube Playlist – How to Catch Rare Pokemon 

This isn’t the only tip included in the Pokemon Sword and Shield playlist. Pokemon trainers will also learn how to evolve Applin, Milcery, and Yamask. Another added bonus is the chance to see each and every Gigantamax Pokemon form. 

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Pokemon Sword and Shield are available for Nintendo Switch. These games are the latest official Pokemon games and the first that were released for a non-mobile exclusive console. See these pocket monsters go head to head on the big screen. Or, play on mobile mode where any Pokemon fan will feel right at home. There may not be as many challenges in Sword and Shield when compared to its predecessors, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden secrets to explore. 

Use this playlist as a guide. With more discoveries being made, be sure to check back here soon. The Pokemon Sword and Shield playlist will continue to grow!

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