Virtual Reality & Future Gaming

The gaming industry is undoubtedly one of the most rapidly growing technology fields in the world. With the introduction of Virtual Reality, gaming is now touching unseen peaks. This perpetually improving enterprise has shown the world, how one industry can take over a large portion of trends and fashions around the earth. According to, global augmented and virtual reality market size in 2020 is approx. $18.8 billion.

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Thus, considering the indications of major boosts in the technology itself, the future of gaming looks brighter than ever.

How so?

Virtual and Augmented realities are literally the answer to your question.

So, first of all, what exactly is virtual reality and augmented reality. Let’s have a brief review!

What is Virtual Reality Gaming?

This immersive interface creates an unbelievably realistic experience for the gamers.

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Characteristics of VR Gaming:

  • VR Gaming is the artificial replica of the real world with different plots, ambiance, and situations. 
  • Like any other gaming genre, VR also requires the use of some equipment like VR headsets (360-degree three-dimensional glasses), special gaming consoles, and gaming gloves for the ideal experience. 
  • Though game genres like battle royale and other multiplayer games are not often available with VR yet, the future of this industry is definitely approaching such games. Presently, VR gaming is only an isolated gaming arena.
  • Virtual Reality targets two major applications – Gaming and immersive video, both of which have a virtual simulation of various artificial environments.

Advantages of VR Gaming

With such a highly advanced interface and development, VR is believed to leave no stone unturned in the gaming industry in upcoming years. From nerve-wracking horror games to the ultimate combat missions, VR is all set to open up the gaming world through its alluring benefits which include:

  • Aid the aiming and combat skills of gamer through a 360 environment
  • Catches gamers’ attraction relatively faster
  • Immersive ambiance enables the gamer to have 100% focus on the gameplay
  • Boosts the excitement, feel and experience the game to a surprisingly high level
  • Specially designed hardware offers ideal gaming experiences anywhere anytime

Disadvantages of VR Gaming

There’s no rose without a thorn! Considering so many positive aspects of VR, there still remain some of its drawbacks, which too, are expected to diminish with the advancement of technology in the near future.

  • Does not offer prolonged gaming experience for the danger of eye strains and disorders. The advisable usage duration is too low.
  • Can be really uncomfortable and traumatic for their immersive nature. Thus, not quite suitable for intense gaming or faint-hearted gamers.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Another unbelievable emerging technology that is all set to transform the gaming world is Augmented Reality. This technology is basically the ‘Real Reality’ with some ‘Virtual Augmentations’.

A recent and very famous example of this mind-boggling technology was Pokemon Go.

This AR-based game got the whole world’s attention when it first showed the magic of AR in 2016. In the gameplay, turning on the mobile camera (reality) you can catch different Pokemon characters from the world in a seemingly realistic way.

Considering the future of the gaming industry Augmented Reality is certainly an emerging technology that might be seen ruling various gaming genres in the upcoming years.

How are VR and AR changing the future of Gaming?

Horror Gaming

What does a horror gamer usually want? High thrill, frightening gameplay, and some added goosebumps. And what more can you get than 360 gameplay with an immersed environment and realistic graphics? There is nothing as thrilling as VR yet, and nowhere in the future when it comes to horror gaming.

Educational Gaming

Educational Gaming has become an emerging gaming category in the recent past. What else would one ask for when he is getting the perfect blend of learning and entertainment at the same time? For this reason, there are numerous business giants developing more and more educational video games, especially in the VR interface for enhanced understanding, in-depth teaching, and jaw-dropping entertainment.

Combat Gaming

With the monumental rise of the multiplayer combat games like Fortnite, PubG, Call of Duty in recent years, Battle Royale Combat Gaming has undoubtedly become the leading gaming category around the world. Developers are putting all of their efforts in offering the best graphics, realistic gameplay, and impressive features. And what better than VR and AR will they find in doing so? VR and AR gaming is expected to show wonders in the Combat gaming genre with gamers experiencing their characters to near perfection.

Other Categories

Apart from the aforementioned leading categories, VR and AR are also expected to do wonders in various other gaming genres. Popular Sport video games like FIFA, PES, etc have also indicated to step into the VR world in the near future. Many of the developers are planning to introduce some impressive Role-Playing games with all-new graphics and environments. Various Racing games like NFS are also expected to be launched into VR for offering some mouth-watering graphics and gameplay to the professional gamers soon.

Final Words

The emergence of the VR and AR technology promises a big explosion in the gaming industry in upcoming years, and indicating the pros to tighten their belts and enter the thrilling realm of Unreal Reality!


Author Bio.: Ravi Kumar is currently working as a Digital marketing head XplorMedia, an SEO Company in Delhi NCR. He maintains his blog WHRX with his friends. Over time, his audience network has grown, who share his opinions and interests. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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