Gigamax Games

Have you ever sat on a cliff, gazing at the moon, thinking “I wish there were a place to go for the latest games, videos, industry developments and everything else gaming related?”  Sit and ponder no more, you beautiful disaster… FOR WE BRING YOU GIGAMAX Games

pikachu battle

First of all, how rude of us. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Mike and Chris. You can call us whatever you want, but we go by Mack and Gigs. We want to welcome you to the gaming experience that is Gigamax.

We’re not just another video game channel; we are something new, different, and exciting. We want to make your eyes bleed with awesomeness and take you on the adventure of a lifetime (nothing sexual). We love what we do, and what we do is game.

Discover the industry, the exponentially expanding video game market and all it has to offer. We keep you updated with the latest developments, newest games and funniest memes you’ll find on the interwebs. Join us… Join us.. Join us…

Just kidding, We’re not a cult.. yet. 😉