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Absolver: Online Melee Action on YouTube

Absolver: Online Melee Action on YouTube

Absolver was met with mixed reviews from the Gigamax crew. Even after beating the ‘Online Melee Action” fighter both Gigs and Mack still can’t agree on if Absolver was worth the $30 price point. Disagreeing on the unique combat system and controversial length of its story, Absolver is something a person needs to see for themselves before deciding if it’s a good match for them.

Absolver Gigamax Gameplay

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What Absolver Has To Offer

In this playlist, the Gigamax crew walks through the opening tutorial and takes a brief look into the world. The tutorial shows off the core mechanics and the start of the story begins to take shape. Environments consist of cell shaded landscapes, varying slightly until the very end. It’s world is relatively small when compared to most games on the market today, but this comes in handy when the meta comes around. It absolutely is a unique game, from its combat system to the small open world, but the question remains, can it continue to be interesting for long?

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Developed by Sloclap, Absolver absolutely delivered an interesting experience though and through. However, the extremely short story and ambiguous meta missed the mark for many. The game will not be a great fit for everyone but has a lot to offer for those who are willing to stick in there and search for their own rewards.

The video above is the first look at this game on the first day of release. The game’s servers were not working on launch day so unfortunately Gigs and Mack were not able to experience a critical aspect of the game. From the beginning it’s clear where the crew stands on their view of this melee fighter by Slowclap. Don't let that influence you, take a look at the gameplay and see what you think!


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