ABZU - YouTube Playlist with Gigamax Games

The developers of the indie classic, Journey, are back at it with the spectacular cinematic indie game, ABZU. Creating an exquisite water world, ABZU lets the player live out their underwater fantasies. Swimming with the sea creatures and exploring lost environments deep beneath the waves, the story becomes clear. However the game isn’t so cut and dry, it's an extremely abstract adventure so imaginations will run wild.

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Even though the entire game is relatively short, there is so much to discover. From the different sea creatures to all the incredible rock formations and underwater environments, ABZU is amazing. It’s the perfect game to watch or play when wanting to unwind. Stunning and relaxed are the best words to describe the overall theme of the indie game.

ABZU - Let’s Play on YouTube with Gigamax Games

Find the latest episodes of ABZU from the Gigamax crew right here. Let Gigs and Mack know what you think about the playthrough and what other games you want to watch them play. Put in a request in the comments on the video’s or at the bottom of this page.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to watch. ABZU has been on the Gigamax crew’s radar for quite some time. With all the big games coming out it made it hard to start the playlist. Now, as Gigs and Mack wait for the big releases of 2018 it's the perfect time to begin. Be sure to check back here or on YouTube for the latest episodes whenever there’s a break from all the new releases.

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