Awesome Games Lined Up for The Future

Awesome Games Lined Up for The Future

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We’re coming closer to the end of 2019, and what a way to wrap the year, gaming-wise. We’ve seen an array of awesome releases as well as those who fall short from its hype. We’ve seen indie masterpieces and triple-A flops. All in all, it’s been a wholesome year. And with the year ending really soon, what are the games to look forward to in 2020?

For those who avidly follow the gaming sphere and the events revolving around it, you know what’s up. For those who have been out of the loop for a while, it’s understandable that all these gaming events can be overwhelming sometimes. But fret not, we’re here to list down some of the coolest games that are going to be launched next year! Let’s get into it! 

1. Cyberpunk 2077

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First on the list, we’ll start with a game that’s been teased for a while now. What makes this such an enticing prospect is that the game is developed by non-other than CD Projekt Red, a beloved studio by the fans as they’ve made a name for themselves with the Witcher series. So you know they have a good grasp on what makes or breaks RPG. Cyberpunk 2077 is set in a megacity that draws inspirations from famous cyberpunk/dystopian movies and references which gives a depth to the game itself, as seen in its trailer gameplay.

You play as a mercenary that takes on contracts for various factions within the city. And each faction has an intricate relationship with each other. Naturally, the developers will play on their strengths as they establish strong branching stories which will unlock more dialogues and actions, and sometimes special side quests. Cyberpunk 2077 will definitely bring an interesting sandbox experience for the cyberpunk genre that has huge potential. We’ve seen it with the Deus Ex franchise, but Cyberpunk 2077 promises much more action in the game. 

2. The Last Of Us Part II

last of us 2, last of us 2 release, last of us 2 ps4, video game releases

There’s no denying that the first Last Of Us left some of us reeling from the emotional impact that the game left. The game has shown what a well-written story can do and how well-crafted moments can let gamers be invested in the fate of the two main protagonists. When it was announced there will be a Part 2 of the game; it’s hard not to get excited about it. The game trailer did provide us with a lot of important information on what the game is all about. Set in the near future after the events of Part 1, where we see Ellie is thriving and a grown young adult, who’s part of a community that seems to have a peaceful existence. That changes once her partner gets kidnapped and Ellie sets out to find her.

We get a glimpse of the gameplay that has seen an impressive upgrade. The gameplay somehow resembles the first part as well as some elements from games such as Tomb Raider. The best part of it all is we get to see an aged Joel that also joins Ellie in her quest. There’s definitely tension in the room and most likely due to the decision that Joel made in the last game, but hey, we get to see how it develops in the 2nd part. We’re all excited! 

3. Doom Eternal

doom eternal, doom game, video game releases, latest video game releases, doom eternal coming soon

Sometimes you want a game that is simple. Something that doesn’t need you to remember key information from a long dialogue of an NPC. Something that doesn’t need extra mechanics to add when combatting enemies. Doom has always been the ultimate answer to this. And now with the new installment Doom Eternal, you know it’s going to be a good ol’ stomp and shoot em up.

Doom Eternal is keeping it close to its core that a lot of gamers can agree; the game makes you feel like a badass. From blasting hell entities with your slug blasters to your more up and close physical attack and finishes, Doom has always delivered the satisfaction that could not be compared with other games. Doom Eternal is bound to be an excellent follow up to the franchise, where it is the perfect opposite of the general games today. The game was originally set to come out this year, but delays have forced the game to be released next year. No complicated stories, decisions, restrictions. The only restrictions you’ll have is how much time you have in a day to keep destroying the hell spawns that dares to offend you with their aggressive presence. Oh, there’s a grappling hook attached to a shotgun. Use it in your mayhem.

4. Final Fantasy VII Remake

final fantasy 7 remake, ff 7, ff 7 remake ff 7 remake release

When Square Enix announced that they would remake the absolute legend of a game, fans were a bit skeptical about the whole endeavor. I mean, how do you overhaul a 22-year-old game? Well, in the recent E3 showcase, Square Enix showed us exactly how. Aside from the astounding graphical updates for the game that makes it look like an entirely different entity, the game will employ the old combat mechanics, as well as newer ones that will work as a hybrid system.

Final Fantasy VII Remake contains both action and turn-based gameplay, which will always be a refreshing experience, in my opinion. The in-game combat is not linear and allows a player to play it differently from the conventional methods. The game looks promising since its preview, and it seems the remake is well justified as it looks absolutely stunning and it looks to offer a renewed experience to new gamers as well as those who played it for the first time in 1997. The initial worry of the remake to be a quick cash grab is dispelled with how the game remake is treated, so prepare yourself for an awesome game next year! 

5. Watch Dogs: Legion

watch dogs legion, watch dogs, watch dogs legion release, video game release dates

Watch Dogs has always been a hit and miss, depending on the type of gameplay you’re looking for. But if you’re someone who’s looking for that open-world non-restrictive gameplay, then Watch Dogs is something that would fit in that particular niche. With the announcement and the subsequent gameplay trailer released this year, Watch Dogs: Legion is set to learn from its previous game releases and present an exciting game to the table.

The first noticeable difference is that you’ll be able to recruit your own personal army of hackers that can be unlocked once you’ve helped them with their problems. That premise sounds very weird, but once you’ve seen the gameplay trailer, it shows a much more engaging scenario. The Hacking UI is polished and looks much more accessible. The game promises to be able to realize its full potential that the game is built upon. Watch Dogs Legion is a game to look out for especially if you’re a big fan of open-world sandbox gameplay.


6. Dying Light 2

dying light 2, dying light 2 release, new dying light, dying light 2 release date

I remember when the zombie genre was all the rave in the gaming scene. From co-op shooters and zombie modes in well-established FPS, everyone is cashing in in the craze. But eventually it died, and every zombie-themed game is received with a general lackluster vibe. It’s pretty much the same gameplay. However, here comes Dying Light.

Not only you get to smack zombies with basically anything that’s sturdy, but you also get to parkour your way through the map while performing some pretty intense parkour zombie finishing moves. Now that’s revolutionary. From the well shelled out narrative to its well-polished game environment, it’s no wonder that Techland decided to pull out a sequel to the first Dying Light. It makes perfect sense for a sequel and boy does it look good. The preliminary gameplay we’ve seen so far in the Microsoft E3 2019 conference is absolutely astounding. More parkour action, a bigger map, new map traveling gadgets, and more compelling narratives that will allow you to make the big boy choices. Dying Light 2 is set to take off from the successful foundation set by the first game, and we’re going to get a pretty guaranteed awesome game.

7. Ori and the Will of the Wisps 

Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Ori and the Will of the Wisps game art

We’re ending the list with a great atmospheric game that you’ve probably heard of. Introducing the sequel to the first Ori game, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is coming in 2020 with the gentle magical touch it has shown to every gamer that played this game. The game features the signature hand-painted backdrops which add a layer of enchantment that is the central theme that you’ll discover throughout the gameplay. But don’t be deceived. This game is a demanding 2D platformer just like its predecessor. So, bask in the layers of beautiful graphics which is layered on top of each other to create a magical experience. Nothing much is revealed for the game, but all will be answered in the upcoming Game Awards 2019 which will answer our questions. 

There’s a ton of games that are set to release next year, and obviously we’ve not covered all of it. What games are you looking forward to?

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