The Best Games That Will Come For PS5 This Year

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is about to launch in the upcoming months. This is going to be an exclusive launch for this year as people are getting to know more about the technical details of PS5, such as the new console, the groundbreaking SSD storage, and 3D audio of tempest card. People are more excited about the new games that will be a part of the new generation PS5. You are already aware of the fact that PlayStation consoles have always been well known for a massive range of exclusive games, but very few of them are interesting.

Expected PS5 Games For the Year 2020 

Here are some of the games that are expected to be a part of the next-generation console.

1. Dying Light 2

dying light 2 game art

This game is expected to be a part of PS5 and will be relaunched after a wait of almost five years. Dying Light was present in PS4 and is considered one of the best and the most played games on the console. The discussion with the game developer Techland showed that it is all set to be a part of Sony’s next-generation consoles. Along with combat and parkour action, this part of Dying Light will majorly rely on the player’s choices.

2. Warframe

warframe game art

It is expected that free to play online sci-fi game “Warframe” will be a part of the upcoming Xbox Series X or PS5. This news was revealed by Leyou Technology, the parent company of these game developers. Reports suggest that the Warframe will be expanded to more platforms, including the next-generation consoles, as well as many other devices. Still, there are no exact signs when Warframe will be added on Xbox Series X or PS5.

3. Gods and Monsters

This game was part of PS4 and is known as Ubisoft’s most open game ever. It is developed by the team that produced Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This is a colorful world, filled with adventures game and is expected to be a part of the new generation console. This game’s vibrant and swanky visuals will pop quite well on the PS5 new console. Its countless puzzles and magic-based battles would give Zelda fans plenty to chew on. You will be cast as a sole hero with the mission to save the Greek Gods. This game is expected to get famous among many individuals of all ages and could be one of the top PS5 games when it hits this year.

4. Rainbow Six Siege

rainbow six siege playstation 5

Rainbow Six Siege series was brought back to life by Ubisoft around four and a half years ago. This was an innovative Tom Clancy sub-series that was transformed into a videogame. They put away all the story content and reforging around a meek 5v5 multiplayer setup. In Rainbow Six Siege, one side of players defends the objective while the other protects it. In the past few years, this game has become one of the most beloved games launched by Ubisoft, with regular updates on content as well as new adjusting in its meta. This game is all set and ready to be a part of PS5 with the backing for all prior content updates and support for cross-generational play with players on PS4.

5. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum


The Lord of the Rings: Gollum by Daedalic Entertainment is a game that surprised many. This game is scheduled to arrive by 2021 on the PCs compatible with all consoles. Gollum will seemingly concentrate its narrative on the player’s choice. It was reported last year that this game would be starring everyone’s favorite ring-chasing “Hobbit.” (The Hollywood Reporter). It will be full of adventures and thrilling events and even allows the players to make branching decisions based on the character’s personas.  

6. Madden NFL 21

Madden NFL 21 Xbox Series X

Madden games release like clockwork, so it isn’t surprising that Madden NFL 21 will be part of PS5. According to Melania, content curator at dissertation writing services UK, “not much has been revealed about the next installment of Madden quite yet, but the tiny glimpse of gameplay that we got during May’s Xbox Series X event looked very promising.”

7. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

assassins creed valhalla art

With the release date of the upcoming PS5, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is all set to land on the next gen-console, too. And this time, it is expected to thrill the players by taking them back into the dark ages. The players will be introduced to various weapons, dialogue, and customization options. 

8. Battlefield 6

battlefield 6 from ea

There are a lot of rumors regarding Battlefield 6. According to EA, this game is expected to come on next-generation consoles, but the details are still unknown.

9. Godfall

This will surely be an upcoming PS5 game that is published by Gearbox and developed by Counterplay. The Gearbox is famous for its loot shooter series, and Godfall will be loved by the players as well. This is the first confirmed game that was announced to be as part of the next-generation console.

10. Rainbow Six Quarantine

Rainbow siege is not the only game coming this year on PS5, and individuals can also expect Rainbow Six Quarantine to be a standalone game that requires three players to take on deadly robots. 


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