Data Miners Find Aliens in Grand Theft Auto 5

After many years of fans digging through code and searching every single inch of Grand Theft Auto 5, one group has finally found the elusive green extraterrestrials. Staying true to the nature of the series, this discovery involves some malicious deeds.

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Last month saw the release of the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 multiplayer update, Gunrunning. Along with the patch came a few new weapons, a couple vehicles, and giant underground bunkers. But a dedicated group of data miners wasn't satisfied, they needed to look deeper. That's where a file was discovered that hinted of an alien UFO crashing just outside of the military base, Zancudo. This discovery drove players to finally figure out the long standing mystery of the alien egg.

GTA 5 Modding and mystery hunting group, Team Guru, spent weeks figuring out how to activate the various pieces of Alien code they found in the game. After many long hours of coding the team was able to use a tool created by the Guru member Polivilas to switch in game variables until they forcibly opened an alien supply mission with brute force.

You can see a quick video of the mission below:

As you can see, the mission isn't the most exciting in the world. It involves players heading to a predesignated zone to gather supplies, and that's where the mysterious alien egg comes in. When the group arrives, they find a crashed UFO surrounded by the bodies of dead soldiers and scientists. Players are then tasked with stealing the alien egg from the crash site and escort it to a safe zone. Aliens will spawn after the egg is grabbed and the crew will need to gun down their assailants. A fairly standard mission, but the sense that a long journey is finally over satisfies more than anything else.

Many are happy with this information but some can't help but feel a little cheated. While it doesn't really justify years of searching, most fans are hopeful that this is just the beginning of aliens in GTA 5. Could we see a big space update in the future? MAYBE! Gigamax will be sure to have the coverage so make sure to keep checking back.