Destiny 2's Warmind Expansion Brings Back the Grind

In the most recent developer update from Bungie, Destiny 2's senior designer, Daniel Auchenpaugh, discussed how the power level grind will be changed in the upcoming Warmind expansion. This will be the second major update the game is receiving and there are some major changes on the horizon. Basically, what this means is that it will be much harder for Guardians to max out their power levels once Warmind drops in May.

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Where Did The Rewards Go?

Auchenpaugh also explained that the new public events won't hold the lucrative rewards they have been known for recently. Clan engrams also won't help players progress through levels on their own anymore. Warmind's soft level cap is currently set at 340, which means that players will only be able to move up 10 power levels from  Curse of Osiris' max level with the help of open world drops. Although, it was also stated that the hard level cap for Warmind is 380.

For gamers that have been playing Destiny 2 since launch, the grind from 340 to 380 may sound simple, but Bungie assured fans that the process will go much slower than anything they've released before. Auchenpaugh also stated that even players that complete every end-game activity a week will still need to wait for several resets in order to reach the new cap. As per usual, the best rewards drop from Raids and Trials while low tier gear can be earned through clan engrams.

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The Grind is Real!

Players should also prepare for the grind from 370 to 380, which is set to test the patience of even the most seasoned Destiny veterans. All of these changes are to help address fans concerns that Destiny 2 had been streamlined to the point where it became too easy. With all of these updates, the longevity of Warmind is sure to be much better than both the base game and the Curse of Osiris expansion.

It should also be noted that all of the numbers mentioned above are assuming that no legendary mods are installed. Bungie is set to reveal more about the next expansion during a live stream on April 24th, before the expansion drops on May 8th.