Is Doomfist Finally Coming to Overwatch?

After much speculation and waiting, it appears that fans may finally see Doomfist in Overwatch. This hero has been teased almost since the game's first additional hero, Ana was introduced. From in game posters to a major celebrity visiting Blizzard's office, players have been anticipating the much fated reveal for almost an entire year.

Overwatch's latest PTR update suggests that all this waiting is finally over. Aptly titled "Doomfist / Summer Games" it seems Blizzard is finally ready to show off a brand new character and reintroduce the first seasonal event they held. The name for the PTR update was revealed to players that experienced crashes while using the new highlight saving feature, which lets fans save their best "Play of the Game." After the crash, the following crash log referred to the current version of the PTR as "Doomfist / Summer Games." As of now the reference has been removed but you can see a screenshot of the original crash log below.

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Jake Kaplan Weighs In

While the game's director, Jake Kaplan, has stated that the summer games event could return, no one at Blizzard has said anything about Doomfist. The backstory to the character was only made clear after fans fell in love with the idea of him joining the game. This could all potentially be a joke on Blizzard's part to extend the hype for the character or the beginning of a long series of frustrating hints, much like Sombra's reveal. Although Blizzard never officially revealed anything, it hasn't stopped fans from creating lore or Terry Crews from petitioning to play the character.

The introduction of Doomfist into Overwatch would be an awesome treat for next month. Recently, Blizzard stated that they would like to add something new every month. With the Lunar Colony map released last week fans were already speculating what July would hold and this could be the answer. Gigamax will be keeping a close eye on the Doomfist rumor so make sure to keep checking back for more!