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Fighting games have been around for such a long time and gamers consistently enjoy the challenge they present. Able to be played competitively and also open to the casual player, they’re always a great time for anyone. However, throw in a Dragon Ball element and it opens it up to another huge audience. Dragon Ball FighterZ is being called one of the best Dragon Ball fighting games in years. After multiple missteps, it seems Dragon Ball FighterZ found the right formula to make an exciting and fun Dragon Ball fighting game.

Not only is Dragon Ball FighterZ great for competitive online play, but the single player is something special. Fans of the Dragon Ball franchize will absolutely fall in love with the incredible story. Even those that haven’t watched a single episode of Dragon Ball may actually find themselves falling in love with the series after playing through the single player.

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Playlist

With the game offering such a variety of characters, the story mode being stuffed with content and the multiplayer experience asking for competitive play, Dragon Ball FighterZ is sure to be a source of countless new videos. The crew has been practicing non-stop so they can put on a show when fighting head to head. This fighting game will come second nature for any Street Fighter fans out there so it’ll only take minimal adjustments before feeling comfortable with the controls.

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