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For those who are wrapped up in the competitive world of gaming, it may be a surprise to learn that eSports is still very much in its infancy. The concept has been around for decades but recently it has skyrocketed in popularity.  We here at Gigamax Games want to make sure that our site is a place where gamers can go for not only the latest news and developments, but to keep up with their favorite eSports teams and latest announcements.

Our content contributors range from fans to professional and ex-eSports gamers, and they’re here to deliver the community exactly what they want to see. Highlights, articles and live coverage all can be found at Gigamax games, soon.

The video game industry is taking off and covering eSports will be a critical aspect of this evolution. There have already been amazing events held all over the world with gamers from nearly every nation on Earth. Fierce competition and amazing talent have culminated into spectacular events. Larger venues and a wider expanse of eSports games to choose from have really opened up this segment of the industry. It’s about that time where the world takes it seriously and Gigamax Games is here to do its part.

The Report

Our coverage is expected to begin in early 2017 as we construct our electronic sports section of our website. We are currently looking for more *Content Contributors* who would like to offer their input and have a platform to develop and distribute their own content. Credit will be given to the content creator and they will earn a spot on our content contributor page!

Are you an eSports fan or even a professional gamer that would like to offer their own input? Send us an email at and we can discuss how you can get involved! You can find out more about our Social Community of content contributors, (Here). We are also excited to start covering some of the members of the professional video gaming community as well. If you’re a gamer that would like a spotlight piece on Gigamax Games, we would be excited to get in touch! Thank you all for stopping by, hope you’re all excited as we get ready to take Gigamax to this rousing new level.