Hyrule Warriors on Nintendo Switch – Tips & Gameplay

Hyrule Warriors on Nintendo Switch – Tips & Gameplay

Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo Switch isn’t available in North America for the Nintendo Switch just yet. However, that didn’t stop the Gigamax crew for going through the interesting process of purchasing the Japanese version. The Nintendo Switch isn’t region locked so it opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for impatient gamers. The playlist below includes a walkthrough of purchasing a game on the Japanese Nintendo eShop and gameplay of Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo Switch!

Hyrule Warriors on Nintendo Switch YouTube Playlist

There’s something special about seeing franchises like Fire Emblem and Zelda make the move to a ‘Warriors’ game. Dynasty Warriors is a mindless fighter, fun and enjoyable but simple on its own. However, when having the ability to play with classic Zelda characters in Hyrule Warriors, it makes it absolutely incredible. Watching young link take down hordes of enemies, is spectacular. Seeing Link, or any of the many different playable Zelda characters, in a world where the fast-paced action is non-stop is unlike anything the franchise has released in the past.

New In Spirit 

Hyrule Warriors may not be a new game, but the Nintendo Switch takes it to an entirely different level. Previously, Hyrule Warriors was released on the 3DS and Wii U but each of those consoles had drawbacks. The graphics were sacrificed on the 3DS and when playing on the Wii U tablet, frame rate and graphics would be severely downgraded. Playing this game on the Nintendo Switch felt like the right fit.

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