Metal Gear Survive Players Receive Apology & Free Stuff

Metal Gear Survive arrived only a couple of weeks ago on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The has not been received well by critics and many Metal Gear fans.  To make things a little more difficult for people trying to enjoy the experience, it suffered from a variety of server issues early on. Video game developer, Konami issued an apology for the problems and announced that it's going to give players free in-game currency to make up for the misstep. On top of that, Konami dropped a new patch to address balance issues and more.

Bumps In The Road

"We know there's been some bumps during launch and we're working hard to sort out the final issues," Konami claimed on Twitter. To ease fans concerns about Metal Gear Survive, Konami is giving away 100 SV coins and 1 Premium boost pass to every fan that created an avatar in the game before February 27. To receive these bonuses fans will simply need to log into the game.

According to the latest patch notes, Metal Gear Survive altered the balance of the Clear Rank requirement on hard-tier co-op missions. Players can also see a funny note on an issue that has been addressed with crafting of "custom undergarments."  The full patch notes can be found in the embedded tweet above.

Shop Turtle Beach

Lastly, Konami said in a follow-up tweet that the issue regarding Support Defender characters mysteriously vanishing has now been addressed as well. "Thank you for your understanding, patience, and support," the Metal Gear Survive studio wrote.

Hopefully, Konami can rectify the multitude of problems with the game before it is too late if it isn't already. Poor review scores and an outcry from Metal Gear fans could kill any support for this game before it even had a chance. While the single player can be fun (albeit demanding) the multiplayer is currently a mess. The playlist above offers some great insight into what players expect from single player and co-op. We'll be following Metal Gear Survive updates very closely so be sure to check back for more information as it becomes available!