Playstation VR: Upcoming Game Releases

Playstation VR: 2017 Game Releases

One of the primary concerns with the Playstation VR was the lack of games. There were some simulators, a few Playstation VR exclusives and of course, Resident Evil 7 but the future was unclear. Now, the clouds are beginning to part and we have some kind of idea of what the future may hold for the Playstation VR. Be sure to check back here as games are added to the list once more release dates become available.

Take a closer look at the success of modern Virtual Reality Gaming!


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Release: May 16th 2017

Setting out with a mission to locate scientists studying an anomaly near the planet Jupiter, the unknown object hurles the player and crew of scientists into an unexplored new world.

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Impulse Gear


Star Trek: Bridge Crew

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Release: May 30th 2017

Launch yourself into space and take your place in the bridge as you explore the galaxy in the U.S.S Aegis! Not only can you explore the new ship but players can go back in time to the 1960s and control the original bridge from the U.S.S Enterprise

Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Red Storm Entertainment


The Persistence

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Release: May 2017

Set in the year 2521, you play as a series of different characters all exploring a story from a different perspective. The game tells a story about a group of people which were studying black holes until one of these experiments went horribly wrong.

Genre: Sci-Fi horror
Publisher: Firesprite



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Release: July 2017

Those giant robot shooter fans out there will be happy to see this one. Playing as a six-story-high war machine, you destroy everything in its path to defend America against a totalitarian leader.

Genre: Story-Driven Shooter
Developer/Publisher: Skydance Interactive
Release: July 2017


Fate/Grand Order VR Feat. Mashu Kyrielight

fate grand playstation vr, playstation vr, new games, new releases, latest games, gigamax, gaming news
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Release: Estimated 2017

This is a VR version of the original RPG game named Fate/Grand Order.

Genre: ‘RPG’
Developer/Publisher: Type-Moon


Dino Frontier

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Release: Estimated 2017

Build and manage your own Wild West frontier settlement, but there’s a serious twist. You’ll have to manage this settlement sharing the same space as Jurassic era monsters!

Genre: Tabletop Strategy Simulation
Developer/Publisher: Uber Entertainment


ARK Park

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Release: Estimated 2017

Not to be confused with Ark Survival: Evolved, the VR experience will let players get up close with the creatures from the game. It will offer information on the incredible creatures, but as the available information suggests, it will not be a fully fleshed out Ark Survival game.

Genre: Simulation/Informational
Developer/Publisher: Snail Games’ Peacock Studio + (Creative input) Studio Wildcard


The Walker

the walker, playstation vr, new games, playstation vr releases, latest gaming update, gigamax, gigamax games
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Release: Estimated 2017

Be prepared for fantasy combat in The Walker’s highly detailed environments. Using guns, swords, spells and the promise for infusing weapons with special powers, there’s a lot in store.

Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Publisher/Developer: Sony’s China Hero Project



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