Rainbow Six Siege: Operation White Noise Now Available

Rainbow Six Siege released its next big expansion leaving players with a lot to look forward to the next time they play. This popular first-person shooter recently celebrated its two year anniversary and Ubisoft surprised fans with new content over the course of 2017. Now with Operation White Noise, fans can get excited for some new operators, a brand new map, and a variety of other updates for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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The biggest additions to White Noise are the new playable characters, better known as operators. This time around the update is modeled after South Korean Special Forces, the 707th Special Mission Battalion. First, there's Dokkaebi, who is an attacker that has a logic bomb for her unique gear, allowing players to hacks enemies equipment and reveal their position with a loud noise. Next, their is Vigil, a defender with access to a device called the Electric Rendering Cloak, or ERC-7, which makes the operator invisible to enemy cameras. Finally, much like the last expansion players are getting an operator from the canceled Poland expansion. Zofia Bosak is equipped with the KS79 Lifeline, a grenade launcher that can fire explosive and concussive rounds.

Typical Ubisoft 

This expansion follows the typical Rainbow Six formula where season pass holders get the characters for free, with everyone else able to use in-game credits to purchase the operators on December 12th. The piece of content everyone gets for free is the new map Mok Myeok Tower. This arena is set near the top of a skyscraper observation tower, which has a multitude of rooms to fight in and focuses on the map's vertical landscape.

Operation White Noise, rainbow six siege, update, white noise, gaming news, gigamax, gigamax games

Ubisoft Improves The Core Game

Other than all the new content, Ubisoft is making some adjustments to the core of the game with the update. One of these improvements is a new synchronization logic for some projectiles with a primary focus on grenades. This is intended to stop situations where a grenade suddenly ends up in a place it shouldn't. For example, right in front of the throwers face. Additionally, grenade throws are affected by movement, now throwing a grenade while running will cause the explosive to travel further.

Operation White Noise also increased the fire rate of handguns and new UI elements have been added to help track buffs and debuffs. Of course, a host of new bug fixes have been added that repair issues with specific maps, weapons, and operators. If you'd like to see the full patch notes you can find them here and for more info on Rainbow Six Siege be sure to check back with GigamaxGames.com!