Shadow of The Colossus YouTube Boss Guide

Shadow of The Colossus YouTube Boss Guide

Shadow of The Colossus was one of those games that missed the Gigamax Crew when it was first released. Known as one of the best games ever to release, it has continued to be remade on modern consoles and gamers couldn’t be happier. This was the first time either Gigs or Mack had the chance to play and they fell in love with the amazing story, visuals, and colossi.

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The Gigamax crew wants to help anyone on their journey through Shadow of The Colossus with this How-To guide. Stop by the playlist as Gigs and Mack walk through how to kill all the bosses. It will take some time to edit and publish all of these videos so be sure to check back for the latest releases!

Shadow of The Colossus YouTube WalkThrough

Boss 1 – 16

This game is not your run of the mill fighter, shooter or adventure game. The boss rush style and ambiguous story leave a lot to the imagination. Its originality was one of the things that caught the crew’s eye but the crown jewel of Shadow of The Colossus is the actual Colossi themselves. Each has their own unique look and movements and can vary wildly in size. This keeps things interesting but also delivers a true challenge to first-timers.

HoHopefullyhis guide comes in handy through any gamers incredible journey through Shadow of The Colossus. If anyone has questions about the game or suggestions on what Gigs and Mack should play next, leave a comment below on YouTube or at the bottom of this page! Don’t forget, you can always get in touch with the Gigamax Crew on Twitter and Facebook.

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