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So many might agree that Sonic Forces isn't the best game in the world, but the Gigamax crew had to see for themselves. Being Sonic fans for a long time, any new Sonic game was worth the money just to see what they're doing with the series. Sometimes a bad review doesn't always mean the game is actually bad. Sonic Forces absolutely has its place in the Sonic franchise.

Sonic Forces: Nintendo Switch on YouTube

Even though the game lacks depth, it offers the classic Sonic feel the game is known for. The Nintendo Switch allowed Sonic Forces to create such an amazing environment and playing mobile is always incredible. Even with all this amazing technology, it couldn't create an industry stopping Sonic game.

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The game is relaxing to play, great to sit back and embrace the nostalgic 3D Sonic experience however the story is absolutely shallow. This didn't stop the Gigamax crew from enjoying their time and making fun of the game made it even more enjoyable. With a classic Sonic feel, the game is almost hypnotic. Run through the missions, collect coins and spin through loops to make it to the end.

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For a closer look at the direction this game took, there's a big surprise in the first episode. Be sure to stop by for more episodes as Gigs and Mack work their way through Sonic Forces. At first, they weren't sold on spending any more time on the title but now they can't wait to see how it wraps up!

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