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CI Games New Publishing Label for Indie Developers

Indie games continue to find success on the mass market. It’s a double-edged sword for indie developers. On one hand, gamers are actively seeking new indie games to try but on the other, it means a more competitive landscape. CI Games, developer and publisher, known for the Sniper Ghost Warrior and The Lords of the Fallen franchises announced a new publishing label dedicated to indie developers.

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Known as United Label, it will bring on indie developers together and offer them the support they need to succeed. CI Games will kick the project off with 4 new indie games: Roki from Polygon Treehouse, Eldest Souls from Fallen Flag Studios, Tails of Iron from Odd Bug Studios, and Horae from Lunaris Iris. United Label is eager to expand and grow. They are actively seeking creative talents to offer them a “structure to success” and building meaningful long-term business relationships with their developers.

United Label Looking for Indie Developers

“We are bringing out existing publishing capabilities to talented developers. We started this process with one of our own IPs, by giving the entire project of Lords of the Fallen 2 to Defiant in New York.” says Marek Tyminski, CEO of CI Games

CI Games isn’t a Bethesda or EA, however, they’ve carved out a sizabe space for themselves in the market. In 2002, CI games made their existence known after selling over 7 million units of the Sniper Ghost Warrior franchise and 2 million units of Lords of the Fallen. Now, this developer / publisher is ready to lend a helping hand to other gamers and independent video game developers.

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The massive success of Cuphead, Celeste, and countless other indie games prove there’s a hunger from the community to experience more independent titles. There are thousands of individuals with a passion for creating video games that have the chance to see their game played by millions. Climbing the mountain to the top alone is a treacherous journey. Organizations like CI Games wants to give creators the support they need to reach their goals. Sometimes, a little helping hand is all a talented person or team needs to achieve their vision.

For aspiring or long-time game developers looking for a strategic partnership with United Label, contact information can be found their website. It’s a big world of indie games out there, having the right team behind a project can mean the difference between success and a game that gets lost in the crowd.






Indie Game Publisher Devolver Digital Returns to E3

The indie game publisher behind many beloved titles in the indie genre such as Hotline Miami, Enter the Gungeon, Shadow Warrior, and Broforce, will be making their way back to E3 this year. Devolver Digital announced that the company would host another press briefing at E3 2018 and it sounds about as crazy as most of the games that they produce.

Indie Game Publisher Devolver Digital Returns to E3 2018

Devolver's "Big Fancy Press Conference" as they have taken to calling it, will be broadcast live on Twitch, Sunday, June 10th at 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET. The company claims that the conference will be held in the Dave Lang Memorial Convention Center, which is not an actual venue. The event's description is very strange, but it befits Devolver's love of the weird.

"This year's Big Fancy Press Conference will feature real, actual game reveals and technological innovations from Developer Labs, the research and development arm of Devolver Digital responsible for last year's Earliest Access program and making 'throwing money at the screen' a valid form of payment. There will almost certainly be blood, possibly loss of life." (

Devolver Digital

Hotline Miami

Devolver Digital said to expect this year's briefing to be a complete "Dumpster Fire." The company added that fans may want to re-watch their insane briefing from last year so that they're completely up to date on what Devolver has called "Devolver Digital Press Conference Universe (DDPCCU) through the blatant reuse of jokes and vague callbacks to the original. Pray for us." (

E3 2018 Is Almost Here!

E3 2018 is set to take place between June 12th-14th in Los Angeles, California. Although, the first briefing of the conference will take place on June 9th, with a show from Electronic Arts. The conferences will continue through Tuesday with shows from big names like Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and Ubisoft. For a full list of special events and conferences check out the E3 2018 website.


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