Video Game Releases 2019: Month by Month

Nearly halfway through 2019, it has already been an incredible year for video game releases. There have been some sleeper hits as well as hyped up games that fell incredibly short. In today’s current environment, it seems like there is a massive new video game release every week. With so many titles being announced every day, this list is here to help gamers stay on top of all the latest and upcoming video game releases in 2019.

Every month Gigamax Games will be revisiting and updating this list. Be sure to check back here to keep up with the latest 2019 video game releases.

Video game releases with a * in front of their name are Gigamax Games top picks.

2019 Video Game Releases, Month by Month

March 2019 Video Game Release Dates

March brought with it games like Devil May Cry 5, The Division 2, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Yoshi’s Crafted World. All of these games had a massive marketing presence but there are plenty of titles that flew under the radar.

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  • Dead or Alive 6 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – March 1
  • ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove (PC, Mac, Lin, Switch, PS4, Xbox One) – March 1
  • Left Alive (PS4, PC) – March 5
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms (PC) – March 7
  • *Devil May Cry 5 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – March 8th, 2019
  • Kirby’s Epic Yarn (3DS) – March 8th, 2019
  • Lego Marvel Collection (PS4, Xbox One) – March 12th, 2019)
  • *The Division 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – March 15th, 2019
  • Super Robot Wars T (Switch, PS4) – March 20th, 2019
  • The Sinking City (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – March 21st, 2019
  • *Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – March 22nd, 2019
  • Tropico 6 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – March 29th, 2019
  • *Yoshi’s Crafted World (Nintendo Switch) – March 29th, 2019
  • Assassin’s Creed III Remastered/Liberation Remastered (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – March 2th, 2019

April 2019 Video Game Releases

April gave gamers an eclectic mix of indie games that each deserves recognition. Along with these stand-out indie games, it will be time for gamers to see if some of these AAA games live up to the hype.

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  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission (Switch, PC) – April 5th, 2019
  • Shovel Knight: Showdown (PC, Mac, Lin, PS4, Wii U, Switch, Xbox One) – April 9th, 2019
  • Super Meat Boy Forever (PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Switch) – April**
  • Dauntless (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One) – April**
  • Super Crate Box – April**
  • Nintendo Labo: VR Kit (Switch) – April 12th, 2019
  • Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (Xbox One, Switch) – April 16th, 2019
  • *World War Z (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – April 16th, 2019
  • *Katana Zero – April 18th, 2019
  • *Cuphead (Nintendo Switch) – April 18th, 2019
  • Our World Is Ended (PS4) – April 19th
  • Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (Switch) – April 23rd, 2019
  • Mortal Kombat 11 (Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC) – April 23rd, 2019
  • Days Gone (PS4) – April 26th, 2019
  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (Xbox One, Switch) – April 30th, 2019

May 2019 Video Game Releases

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PC gamers that want a chance to play Yakuza Kiwami 2 have a reason to celebrate this month. Also, those that own a Switch have the chance to snag Assassin’s Creed III Remastered: Liberation Remastered. With few massive releases, there are some incredible remasters making their way onto new consoles which will absolutely keep gamers entertained until the next avalanche of AAA games begins to make their way to the market.

  • *Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PC) – May 9th, 2019
  • *Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 (PS4, Xbox One, Switch) – May 9th
  • Rage 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – May 14th, 2019
  • Cytus Alpha (Switch) – May 14th, 2019
  • Darkwood (Switch) – May 16th, 2019
  • Team Sonic Racing (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – May 21st, 2019
  • *Resident Evil (Switch) – May 21st, 2019
  • *Resident Evil 4 (Switch) – May 21st, 2019
  • *Resident Evil Zero (Switch) – May 21st, 2019
  • Assassin’s Creed III Remastered/Liberation Remastered (Switch) – May 21st, 2019
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms (PC) – May 23rd, 2019

June 2019 Video Game Releases

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June might not look like much at first glance but after taking a closer look, there are some sleeper hits. Octopath Traveller is an absolutely incredible game and was only available on Switch, until now. Coming to PC on June 7th, anyone that loves a good RPG should take a close look at Octopath Traveller. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled is making its way to consoles at the tail end of this month as well. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is launching on consoles and PC this month but the Switch version will drop a week after the PC, PS4, Xbox One release. Finally, Super Mario Maker is making its entrance onto Switch on June 28.

  • Warhammer: Chaosbane (PC, Xbox One, PS4) – June 4
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – June 4
  • Octopath Traveller (PC) – June 7
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – June 18
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Switch) – June 25
  • Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled (PS4, Xbox One, Switch) – June 21
  • Heavy Rain (PC) – June 24
  • Judgment – June 25
  • The Sinking City (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – June 27
  • Super Mario Maker (Switch) – June 28

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is coming soon however, last year, the developers offered up a little teaser. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is an 8-bit “mini-game” that was released as the developer, Inti Creates, worked on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Take a look at some Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon gameplay below!

July 2019 Video Game Releases

The summer is heating up but the video game releases are cooling down. Even though July may not have an incredible number of releases, it did include some highly anticipated titles. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses all dropped during the summer lull.

  • Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers (PS4, PC, Mac) – July 2
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – July 4
  • Dr. Mario World (iOS, Android) – July 10
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order (Switch) – July 19
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch) – July 26
  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood (PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, PC) – July 26

August 2019 Video Game Releases

Video game releases are beginning to wind back up, leading toward an exciting September. August isn’t bringing a massive list of knock out hits but there are a few standout titles.

World of Warcraft Classic is finally available to WoW players that missed out on the beauty that was Vanilla WoW or those wanting to relive their glory years. Friday The 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch and Life Is Strange 2: Episode 4 will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There might not be a lot of games coming to August but the month will be far from a disappointment.

  • Fortnite Season 10 (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – August 1
  • Madden NFL 20 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – August 2
  • Metal Wolf Chaos (PS4, Xbox One, Xbox One) – August 6
  • Friday The 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher Edition (Switch) – August 13
  • RAD (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – August 20
  • Remnant: From the Ashes (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – August 20
  • Life Is Strange 2: Episode 4 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – August 22
  • World of Warcraft Classic (PC) – August 27
  • Blair Witch (Xbox One, PC) – August 30
  • The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – August 30

September 2019 Video Game Releases

September is the start of a massive onslaught of highly anticipated titles. After the slow summer season, the holidays are right around the corner. This means new games, expansions, and announcements all targeting video game fans. 

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Stacked with games that are competing for the title “most anticipated video games of the year”, gamers have been anxiously waiting to get there hands on Borderlands, Monster Hunter Iceborne, Final Fantasy VII Remastered and so many more. Check below and see what’s new in September 2019.

  • Catherine: Full Body (PS4) – September 3
  • Children of Morta (PC) – September 3
  • *Final Fantasy 8 Remastered (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch) – September 3
  • Last Oasis (PC) – September 3
  • Phoenix Point (PC, Xbox One) – September 3
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy (PC, Switch) – September 3
  • Creature in The Well (PC, Xbox One, Switch) – September 6
  • *Gears 5 (Xbox Game Pass) – September 6
  • Gun Gun Pixies (Switch) – September 6
  • *Monster Hunter World: Iceborne DLC (PS4, Xbox One) – September 6
  • NBA 2K20 (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch) – September 6
  • *Borderlands 3 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – September 13
  • Daemon X Machina (Switch) – September 13
  • NHL 20 (PS4, Xbox One) – September 13
  • Untitled Goose Game (PC, Switch) – September 20
  • Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Switch) – September 20
  • Dead By Daylight (Switch) September 24
  • FIFA 20 (EA Access) – September 24
  • FIFA 20 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – September 27
  • Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition (Switch) – September 27

October 2019 Video Game Releases

Coming off of September, October is ready to bring another slew of highly anticipated titles. More expansions, old classics back from the dead, and brand-new takes on transformative titles are all coming to PlayStation, Xbox One, Switch, PC and even Google Stadia. 

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It’s that time of year again. Video game releases take a little bit of a break in the summer months but that is all changing.  The holidays are rolling around and that means developers are working vigorously to pump out the “next big title”. Find some of the most notable October releases, below. Which game do you think will be the next holiday blockbuster?

  • *Destiny 2: Shadowkeep (PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, PC) – October 1
  • Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition (Switch) – October 1
  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint (PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, PC) – October 4
  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – October 4
  • Call of Cthulhu (Switch) – October 8
  • *Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC) – October 8
  • Overwatch (Switch) – October 15
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition (Switch) – October 15
  • *Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes (PS4, PC) – October 17
  • WWE 2K20 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – October 22
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – October 25
  • *MediEvil (PS4) – October 25
  • The Outer Worlds (PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC) – October 25
  • *Yakuza 4 Remastered (PS4) – October 29
  • Call of Cthulhu (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – October 30
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Switch) – October 31

November 2019 Video Game Releases

November introduces gamers to three of the most highly anticipated video games of 2019. Death Stranding, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and Pokemon Sword and Shield are all coming to consoles. Even though the world is losing their minds over the release of these three games, that’s not all the month has in store for gamers. 

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This month has a little bit of something for gamers of all kinds and on every console. Those seeking a classic Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch, a beautifully crafted Star Wars adventure, or an abstract take on reality with Death Stranding have a new adventure they can explore over Thanksgiving break.

  • Blacksad: Under the Skin (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – November 5
  • Just Dance 2020 (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Wii) – November 5
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – November 5
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (Switch) – November 5
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (PC) – November 5
  • *Death Stranding (PS4) – November 8
  • Need For Speed Heat (Origin Access, EA Access)- November 8
  • Bee Simulator (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – November 14
  • *Pokemon Sword and Shield (Switch) – November 15
  • Jumanji: The Video Game (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – November 15
  • *Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – November 15
  • Google Stadia Founder’s Edition – November 19
  • Shenmue III (PS4, PC) – November 19
  • Narcos: Rise of the Cartels (Switch) – November 21

December 2019 Video Game Releases

It’s the end of the year and all of 2019’s biggest blockbusters have been released, but that doesn’t mean we’re completely out of new game releases. This month has one major release in the form of Halo: Reach on Steam and Xbox One. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is also getting a console release on PS4 and Xbox One. It won’t be long until the holiday season is over and we’re back to big budget releases in Q1 of 2020, for now though go back through our list of 2019 releases and pick out exactly what you want for your holiday wishlist!

Video Game Releases

  • Farming Simulator 20 (Switch) – December 3
  • Halo Reach: Master Chief Collection (Xbox One, PC) – December 3
  • Life is Strange 2: Episode 5 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – December 3
  • Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (PS4, Xbox One, Switch) – December 3
  • Phoenix Point (PC) – December 3
  • SaGa: Scarlet Grace – Ambitions (PS4, Switch, PC) – December 3
  • Terminator: Resistance (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – December 3
  • Darksiders Genesis (PC, Stadia) – December 5
  • Star Ocean: First Departure R (PS4, Switch) – December 5
  • Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey (PS4, Xbox One) – December 6
  • Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection (Switch) – December 6
  • Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (Switch) – December 10
  • MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries (PC) – December 10
  • Wattam (PS4, PC) – December 17


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