Adventure Sync – New Gameplay System by Niantic

Niantic, an American software development company announced yesterday they are releasing Adventure Sync. The company explained that this is a new Niantic Real World Platform gameplay system to get gamers going outside and exploring the actual world. Niantic, the developers of the massively popular Augmented Reality game, Pokemon GO will be implementing this technology alongside the mobile app. 

Adventure Sync – New Real World Gameplay System 

The Niantic Real World Platform was designed to give Pokemon GO players the ability to record their steps while having their phone in their pockets. Niantic explained in their official press release, “The key feature unlocks a wide variety of gameplay opportunities on the Niantic Real World Platform, servicing as an efficient and phone-friendly high-engagement tool that inspires players to head out into their local communities.” This explanation was followed up by the company expressing they will continue looking for new and exciting ways to use this technology in their future titles.

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At first, this sounded like a new game from Niantic. However, Adventure Sync is a new technology that will improve the experience of Niantic’s Real World gameplay experiences.

Syncing with the iOS HealthKit and Android Google Fit, gamers will be able to access weekly summaries that offers insight about their total distance traveled as well as other stats. Data on their calories burned and the number of steps they’ve taken will also be tracked if their devices allow it. Pokemon GO trainers can expect the Adventure Sync system to begin rolling out worldwide, shortly.

Big Rewards for Extra Activity

Pokemon GO players will soon have the option to use their activity and movement tracked through the Adventure Sync to cash for “big rewards”. Gamers can take part in weekly milestones to receive these new prizes. The software developer also made sure to mention that these big rewards go beyond Candy or Eggs hatching quicker.

Adventure Sync, Niantic, Pokemon GO, Augmented reality, gaming technology, video game technology, video game news, gaming news, ar gaming, ar games, mobile games, mobile gaming

Pokemon GO took over the world for a short time when it released in July of 2016. It didn’t die out quickly but slowly fell out of fashion. After a few updates and gameplay improvements, Pokemon GO regained a strong audience. Niantic continues to add to and improve on Pokemon GO. With this new technology, the company will be able to add more incentive to go out and hunt for those beloved pocket monsters.

Niantic Gets Gamers Moving

In 2018 alone, Pokemon GO Trainers already walked a mindblowing 53% more while playing the game than they did in 2017. A survey of almost 2,000 Trainers found that 70% of them said Pokemon GO motivated them to walk more and 64% were motivated to go outdoors because of the game. 47% even feel their overall physical activity level increased since playing the Augmented Reality mobile app.

This response shows Niantic’s goal of getting gamers up and walking was a glowing success. Real world gameplay and Augmented Reality on this level is fairly new and Niantics Adventure Sync technology which is focused on a player’s physical activity is absolutely innovative.

Even with all the success, Pokemon GO wasn’t without its negative press. People were trespassing, getting hit by cars, and the app was distracting them while driving. Now, that movement and travel is being tracked even while the app is off with Adventure Sync, this could even help avoid these situations.

There’s no set release date but Niantic hinted at a 2019 release. It’ll be exciting to see how this technology is used and improved on in the future. Be sure to keep checking back on or follow the crew on Twitter or Facebook for the latest gaming news, reviews, and industry updated. 



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