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Agony caught the attention of gamers a couple years back when the trailer made its rounds on a bunch of social media platforms. This was where Gigs and Mack first heard about this upcoming horror adventure game. It seemed as though it was going to deliver a unique and exciting experience but what the world ended up receiving was far from expectations.

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This game was anything but enjoyable. Screen tearing pledged the playthrough and the rough character models and the subpar world quickly eliminated any excitement surrounding Agony. Instead, gameplay turned into pure agony.

Agony Playlist on YouTube – PS4 Gameplay

Just because a game doesn’t have the best graphics doesn’t always mean its a flop. However, everything else that the game would have needed to deliver in order to overshadow its rough aesthetics fell short as well. This playlist shows off the first few minutes of Agony on PlayStation 4 and it quickly becomes clear why the game reviewed so poorly. Even though the game was a flop, the gameplay is absolutely worth investigating. It’s almost surprising that the developers were able to get away with distributing this game to the world.

You Be The Judge

Have a look for yourself, the Gigamax crew wants to know your impressions. What did you think about, Agony? Are you going to give it a try? Leave a comment at the bottom of this page or on the Agony video on YouTube

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