Battlefield V – Let’s Play YouTube Playlist

Battlefield V – Let’s Play YouTube Playlist

Battlefield V brings gamers into the heart of the World War II conflict. Explosive action and extraordinary violence await around every turn. Electronic Arts Inc listened to gamers and reinvented their critically acclaimed first-person shooter. Multiplayer runs better and they seemed to accelerate gameplay. With so many new mechanics and environments to explore and destroy, it will be quite sometime before the Gigamax Games crew puts down the call to arms.

Battlefield V – Streams and YouTube Playlist

Gigs and Mack are huge Battlefield fans. It seems like every Battlefield is unique enough to keep gamers coming back but familiar enough to keep fans happy. Battlefield V is based in World War II which means there are more modern guns, vehicles, and ways to obliterate the other team than EA’s last release. Also, gameplay is accelerated so people are put into the fight a little quicker. This combination creates a fast-paced Battlefield experience where the violence, chaos, and explosions are enhanced.

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Battlefield fans understand what it feels like being pinned down in the dirt, shouting out for the squad while the enemy makes a hasty advance. The flag being defended in conquest is quickly being overwhelmed by opposing combatants. Then, the squad rolls in with a tank and med-packs, a hail of friendly gunfire and heavy weaponry repels the red team and the conquest flag remains in Allied hands. These kinds of tense moments of simulated life and death situations happen regularly in Battlefield V. The playlist above shows off just a fraction of the action the Gigamax Games crew get themselves into.

Thank You for Watching!

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch. It means the world to everyone here at Gigamax Games. To keep up with all the latest Battlefield V squad gameplay, be sure to keep checking on the Battlefield V – Let’s Play Playlist Page!

Do you want to see more Battlefield V? Let Gigs and Mack know in the comments at the bottom of this page!

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