City of Brass, the rogue-like adventure created by Bioshock veterans is now coming to the Nintendo Switch. This February 8th, Switch gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy this treasure filled journey on the portable console. Uppercut Games announced in a press release that the Switch version will launch with much of the newly developed content added since its release on May 4th, 2018.

City of Brass PC and PlayStation 4 Gameplay

Immediately upon release, Switch gamers will be able to get started unlocking the three new characters; the knife-fighting Brigand, spear-wielding Soldier, and lumbering Hellion genie. The original Fool and Traveler duo will also be available for new adventurers just starting out.

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Along with the characters, all the new relics, weapons, enemies, and bug improvements are included in the Switch version as well. The move to bring the game to the Switch has fans excited about having the ability to bring City of Brass on the go (in bed, bathroom, or anywhere else).

It's a Shiny World Out There

Uppercut Games developed an exquisite world filled with mystery, action, and treasure. The procedurally-generated environments ensure every attempt to escape the cursed City of Brass with as much gold in players pockets as possible feels fresh and different . All the characters and items players can find add so much to create individual and unique experiences. Collecting treasure, finding creative ways to avoid or slay enemies, experimenting with all the modifiers, and working through each level is absolutely addicting.

City of Brass, Uppercut Games, City of Brass Switch, video game news, latest gaming news, newest games, indie games, indie developers

Now that City of Brass is going to be available on Switch, the audience for Uppercut Games creation is only expected to grow. Nintendo Switch has had incredible success with indie games and City of Brass is a perfect fit for this versatile console. If the game performs like many of the other indie games to find glowing success on the Switch, it could encourage the developer to pour even more resources into the game. Only time will tell if Uppercut Games will keep adding to this exhilarating treasure-hunting roguelike but adding a Switch release is a promising development.

The Gigamax Games crew are big fans of City of Brass. There is sure to be even more gameplay available to see how the game stacks up against the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions.  With its upcoming release on the Nintendo Switch, be sure to keep checking back on for the latest on Uppercut Games.