The highly anticipated open world survival RPG, Fallout 76, is only a month from being released, but some dedicated fans will have a chance to experience Bethesda's next hit title in the near future. This beta follows the recent stress test held to prepare servers for the demo, which is starting off on Xbox One on October 23rd. PS4 and PC will be receiving the trial the following week. Players that have qualified to enter the beta can now begin pre-loading it onto their Xbox consoles.

Fallout 76's beta can only be accessed by those that have pre-ordered the title, although not all players will be able to access the trial at the same time. Bethesda is sending out invites into the beta in waves to ensure that everyone has a smooth experience. Players will also need to have a subscription to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold in order to play the demo.

Fallout 76 Beta Dates and Times

The first beta session is set to begin on October 23rd at 4 PM PT/ 7 PM ET and will run until 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET. Bethesda has not announced any other beta dates or times but they have said that they will run on targeted time frames. According to Bethesda, the beta is intended to stress test and break the game so players should expect some game functions to be a little buggy. The beta will run on and off until the game is released in November.

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Fallout 76 is ready to launch on November 14th and puts on a new spin on the long-running series. Instead of the single-player experience fans have come to expect, Bethesda is trying their hand at the MMO model and creating a new way to experience the Fallout universe. We here at Gigamax can't wait to try out Fallout 76 so be sure to check back here at for all the latest details on the game.