More than five years of work have gone into Fallout: New California, a mod that completely transforms Fallout: New Vegas. After putting in a ton of time and effort, the talented developers behind the project, Radian-Helix Media has announced that the project will be available on October 23rd for Windows PC.

Impressive Fallout New Vegas Mod "Fallout: New California" Out Soon

The team recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of the project which began June 1st 2013, although some work had gone into the game beforehand, with a brand new trailer. The mod is intended to be a prequel story to Fallout: New Vegas which was initially developed by Obsidian back in 2010. Players will start their journey in Vault 18 as an outsider to the dilapidated Los Angeles where the facility is located.

Upon surfacing, players will immediately find themselves caught in a three-way power struggle between The New California Republic, Survivalist Army, and the Super Mutant. This is the preface for the NCR's invasion and eventual control of the Mojave Desert. The story takes place in the year 2260 which is quite a bit of time before Fallout: New Vegas.

A Long and Winding Road

Back in 2015, the head of the project Brandan Lee said that New California's narrative would feature two main paths, two subpaths, and eight companion characters, which lead to many branching paths that took the development team a lot of time to get right. Initially, they wanted the mod to release before Fallout 4 but now they are trying to beat Fallout 76's launch.

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According to the mod team, the game's features are all set and art assets are locked in, but they are taking a few months to fine tune all the side quests. “You hit this story with huge replete branches 16,000 lines of dialogue long you expect some little moments with characters off to the side of the big arcs, and there just aren’t any,” Lee explained on the mod’s page. “I’d also like to take time to revise some plot holes and gaps in the open possibilities that appeared in testing.”

The Fallout: New California Team will be opening beta sign-ups in July for fans that want to test it out early, which will give a look at the main quest line and the setting. As of now the launch scheduled for October 23rd is being called a Beta 2.00 release, but that does not change the excitement Fallout fans are feeling to revisit the west coast of post-apocalyptic America.