The developers behind the Halo series, 343 Studios recently announced a few more details for Halo Infinite. This will be the sixth entry in the long-running series and based on what was said over the course of the stream, the title is still quite a ways off. 

Halo Infinite Brings New Game Engine

Halo Infinite is utilizing a new engine 343 created specifically for the game and it could push back the release date into 2020. Fans can expect a return to four-player split-screen co-op as the developer announced that it was working on the system for the new engine right now. 343 also mentioned that the armor customization feature in Infinite will resemble the one used in Halo Reach. Additionally, players that have reached level 152 in Halo 5: Guardians will receive an additional reward in Halo Infinite when the game is released. 

Halo 5 - New Details

Some details about Halo 5 were also revealed during the stream. It was said that 343 did not have many things left to add to the shooter when it comes to armor and emblem customization. It was also implied that post launch development of the title has slowed down as members of the Halo 5 team are moved to the Halo Infinite team. 

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343 previously mentioned that Infinite will feature Master Chief's coolest design yet. Although, not much else has been revealed as the studio remains tight-lipped on details regarding the game's development. The studio hasn't even decided whether they're reaching for a Mature rating like the previous generation's Halo titles or Teen like Halo 5. 

Halo Infinite is currently being developed for the Xbox One and PC and we here at Gigamax can't wait to see what 343 has in store. Be sure to check back with us here at for all the latest details on the title!