Hyrule Warriors All Characters and Weapons Compilation

Find all the characters and their weapons in Hyrule Warriors on the Nintendo Switch in the YouTube playlist below.

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In this special playlist, the Gigamax Games crew shows off every character and weapon in Hyrule Warriors on the Nintendo Switch. There are so many characters just waiting to be found. Come and see all the different weapons available in the game. The playlist explains how to unlock every character and weapon secret hidden throughout Hyrule Kingdom. Don't miss any content in this incredible game.

Hyrule Warriors - All Characters and Weapons on YouTube with Gigamax Games

This isn't a standard Zelda game. Instead, gamers can get up close and personal with some familiar faces. Combat is fast paced and chaotic with a variety of characters and weapons to choose from. In the playlist above, the Gigamax Games crew makes sure everyone that wants to get the most out of Hyrule Warriors has a chance.

Uncover every unique character available in Hyrule Warriors. Don't miss any of the weapons these incredible characters can use. It's not an easy journey but with a little help, the time to start is now!

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