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One of the most challenging platformers out there has come to the Nintendo Switch. The Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 is here and the Gigamax crew couldn’t wait to give them a try. This will be the place to find all the latest Mega Man videos from Gigamax Games. Come learn more about this classic platformer and find all the Mega Man Nintendo Switch gameplay.

Mega Man on YouTube with Gigamax Games

This game is a challenge all the way through. Frustrating and difficult, it can make even the most capable gamers rage. This ends up being proven time and time again or anytime the Gigamax crew picks up one of these games. Enjoy the playlist above, filled with nothing but Mega Man and raging gamers! Seriously, any gamer looking for a challenge should see how they stack up to the relentless swarm of endearing monsters that can be found all throughout the Mega Man universe. This game is a perfect place to start for any gamer looking to test their skills. 

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This is just one of those games that require unbelievable hand-eye coordination and a little luck. Gigs and Mack are both only decent at this game but it can still be fun for anyone. It’s amazing to see gamers speedrun this impressively challenging platformer but sometimes, watching someone fail is just as entertaining!

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