New Rainbow Six Siege Operators Seemingly Leaked

Ubisoft may have just released a few Rainbow Six Siege Operators with the launch of Operation Chimera but dedicated fans may have found clues pointing toward the next two. Longtime players already knew that more operators come out with every seasonal expansion, although Ubisoft hasn't done a great job of keeping these heroes a secret before their named updates are released.

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Thank You, Reddit!

This leak comes courtesy of a Reddit user by the name of Mr_Donald_Duck who has found images and names of two Italian operators in the PC version's files. Thanks to their crafty detective work, fans have a look at placeholder images that show each character and what names, Alibi and Maestro. Alibi is seen surrounded by translucent silhouettes of herself, while Maestro is equipped with a backpack and shotgun shells strapped to his chest.

Before this reveal another Reddit user, Artex3, shared information from the game's files that may point toward what players can expect from Maestro and Alibi's gadgets. These notes included references to holograms, decoys, and bulletproof cameras. The first two seem to point toward Alibi's ability, suggesting that she will be able to trick defensive players operating the cameras with fake versions of herself. Maestro, on the other hand, looks like he will be able to reinforce cameras for the defending team.

Rainbow Six new character alibi, alibi new rainbow six siege, new rainbow six siege, rainbow six siege rumor

Leaks and Rumors

Keep in mind, while leaks like these may be exciting, they are still only rumors. Players may not see these operators in Year 3 or even ever. Things can change at any moment. However, as we mentioned earlier, it's not unusual for operators to get leaked before Ubisoft has the chance to announce them.

Rainbow Six Siege received their big Operation Chimera update in the begging of March which came packaged with the popular new Outbreak mode that has players returning to the game in droves. Unfortunately, this event ends on April 3rd but it could indicate when players may see a big new announcement. For all the latest on Rainbow Six Siege keep checking back with!