Nintendo Entertainment System available now on Nintendo Switch online. Gamers have access to dozens on classic Nintendo games with their $20 a year subscription.

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Nintendo turns off the ability for gamers to play online for free. The recent update now charges people $20 a year for the Nintendo Online service. Many gamers were upset to hear that the service is going to start costing them but Nintendo didn’t forget to add special something to sweeten the deal. People can now access the Nintendo Entertainment System on the hybrid console.

Gigs and Mack dive right into the pool of classic games Nintendo fans have at their disposal. There are more games expected to be added in the future so be sure to stop by the Nintendo Entertainment System playlist to keep!

Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch

It’s amazing having the chance to revisit these amazing games. No downloads needed, they’re all just waiting to be played. Being able to see where modern video games came from is an incredible reminder of just how far the industry has come and where it might be going. There’s no telling what the future holds for the games and consoles.

Have Any Requests?

With so many classic titles to choose from, the Gigamax Games crew needs your help. Comment your favorite game included in the Nintendo Entertainment System for the Switch and Gigs and Mack will start playing! Have a game request that’s not available on the Switch? Let Gigamax Games know anyway and the crew will be sure to pick it up and start making videos!

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