No Man’s Sky: Fly or Flop on Xbox One

No Man’s Sky: Fly or Flop on Xbox One

The infamous No Man’s Sky is officially coming to the Xbox One later this year. Whatever agreement Hello Games had with Sony seems to have come to an end. Distribution will be handled by 505 games and the announcement of the Xbox One release was coupled with the next big update, “No Man’s Sky NEXT”. Even though the game was a major commercial success, critics and gamers lashed out at the game and developer, Hello Games, for what they called false advertising and extremely limited content. Many are wondering if a release on Xbox One would bring the kind of commercial success it saw on PlayStation 4.

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The game’s creators were even investigated for false advertising though they were later cleared of these allegations. Massive sales quickly tapered off after gamers realized the game was not what Hello Games promised. However, even with all of this backlash from the gaming community, they remain committed to working on their game that brought about so much controversy.

What’s NEXT for No Man’s Sky?

“We called this update NEXT, because it’s an important next step on a longer journey for us and the community,” Hello Gamers co-founder Sean Murray wrote. “We’ve been working our socks off on this and it’s by far our biggest update so far. It will be free to existing players, and we’ll continue to support No Man’s Sky in this way for the foreseeable future.”


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Now that gamers know now about the controversy surrounding No Man’s Sky the big question is if an Xbox One release will bring with it considerable sales numbers. People are wary of game developers that have lied in the past. Especially in such a dramatic fashion as Hello Games did.

The Xbox One release will be enhanced for the Xbox One with HDR and 4K support. Those that purchase the game on Xbox will also receive every expansion for the game which includes, the Foundation, Pathfinder, and Atlas Rises updates.

Only Time Will Tell

It would be astonishing to see a No Man’s Sky Xbox One release bring a fraction of the sales Hello Game raked in on PlayStation 4. Yet all the content added since initial release being included with a single purchase on Xbox One might be enough to pique the curiosity of gamers that never had a chance to try it for themselves. But only time will tell if this curiosity will be enough to overshadow the stain No Man’s Sky left on the gaming world.

With all the hate Hello Games received, it’s important to remember that this is an indie developer. One that had a worldwide impact on the video game industry, even if it didn’t make the right kind of impression. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of audience they can bring in with the release on Microsoft’s console.

Gigamax Game will be keeping a close eye on the progress No Man’s Sky makes on Xbox One. There’s no release date yet, so be sure to check back soon on for the latest updates!

How do you think No Man’s Sky will do on Xbox One? Let the Gigamax crew know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky: Fly or Flop on Xbox One

  1. Lol what agreement with Sony? Have you no idea the hell that Microsoft, sorry Phil Spencer who was in charge of that crazy indie devlepor bullying at the time, put Hello Games through last gen with bringing the Joe Danger series to Xbox?

    Now Xbox this gen simply is in no position to “offer” Devs a deal like “you can bring this game exclusively to our platform for a set amount of time or NEVER” which most smaller Devs last gen choked and gave in on.

    Next you will be saying Sony has a “deal” that makes Pixeljunk Monster 2 exclusive even though it’s coming to PC and Switch.

    1. Thanks for sharing this insight! Glad you took the time to read. Hope you enjoyed the look at the announcement. Are you a NMS fan?

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