No Man’s Sky Next Update Adds Multiplayer and More

No Man’s Sky Next Update Adds Multiplayer and More

The developer behind the indie title No Man’s Sky, Hello Games, outlined a substantial update coming to the game that will add a variety of features fans have been requesting since launch. The open world space exploration experience is about to be transformed. Hello Games called this the Next update and it will be available for free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC starting July 24th.

The biggest of all the additions making their way to the game is multiplayer, which will allow players to group up in small teams and explore the universe together. Gamers will also have the option to join up with random members from the community.

It’s Finally Here

“You can help friends to stay alive, or prey on others to survive,” the studio explains. “You can build tiny shelters or complex colonies that are shared for all players. Fight as a pirate or a wingman in epic space battles with friends and enemies. Race exocraft across weird alien terrains, creating race tracks and trails to share online. The character customization allows you to personalize your appearance.” (

No Man’s Sky is also set to receive a massive visual overhaul, that according to the studio, will add “dramatically improved planetary terrain generation, ground textures, water, and clouds.” Additionally, there’s “also significantly more detail added to ships, NPCs, and buildings.” ( New planetary rings and improved space visuals will be making their way into the game as well. In a dramatic move, Hello Games is letting players to explore the world in third person mode, too.

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The Next update has base building in its sights along with all the other updates coming to No Mans Sky. Now, players will have the ability to build more than one base on a planet. Crafted items are now more complex and the size limitations have been reduced. On top of all that, the Next update added a couple of new base parts as well.

Last but not least, players will now be able to command freighters, which includes assembling and upgrading an entire fleet of frigates. Commanders can send them out into the universe or have them provide assistance as they explore systems. This is all done from a freighter, which behaves like a capital ship. Friends can be invited aboard the ship where they’ll be able to embark on multiplayer missions from Galactic Commission Station, located on the bridge. For more information on what’s available in the Next Update, check out the trailer above for an in-depth look.



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