Rainbow Six Siege: New Threats Await in the Tactical Shooter

Rainbow Six Siege is gearing up to release a monstrous update. Beginning in March, Operation Chimera and the highly anticipated Outbreak event will be available to the public. Operation Chimera and Outbreak are very different experiences. One is a regular Rainbow Six Siege update and the other is something completely new to Ubisoft's' tactical first-person shooter.

Find the latest details on all the new content coming the Year 3 of Rainbow Six Siege. Directly below is the latest cryptic trailer that hints at the origins of the new threat coming to the Outbreak event.

Operation Chimera

The new Counter Terrorism Unit making its way to the dangerous world of Rainbow Six Siege is the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Threat Unit. With biological and chemical attacks becoming a more serious threat, the CBRN is a different kind of CTU than those previously added to the game. Focused on advanced threats, both operators have incredibly unique special abilities.

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Using a drone to maintain “quarantine perimeters”, one of the new operators is Lion, a French operator and comes with a mysterious backstory. The official Rainbow Six blog post on the update explained, “Their service record is astounding, but their list of regrets seems endless.”

The second, a Russian operator named Finka, discovered the incredible world of self-dissolving nanobots through their studies in the motherland. Not much else is known how these nanobots will impact the course of battle. Ubisoft did state that the entire team will benefit from the research carried out by Finka.


Now things start to get interesting with the Year 3 content. Ubisoft is releasing a limited time co-op event unlike anything Rainbow Six Siege has seen before. An epidemic has consumed the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico and things get interesting. A team of three will be tasked with neutralizing the alien threat.

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The new mode will include three exclusive new PvE maps and will be larger, more open and more linear than the PvP maps. These new maps are specifically designed for co-op play but will have all the destructive elements people enjoy so much.

The limited time event is available to anyone with Rainbow Six Siege. It also comes with a host of cosmetic offers including headgears, uniforms, weapon skins and new charms. Gamers will be able to play Outbreak as the Two new Chimera Operators Finka and Lion, Smoke, Ying, Buck, Kapkan, Hibana, Zofia, Fuze, Ash, Doc, Thermite, Tachanka, and Glaz. 

New information will continue to become available as the release nears closer. Details on the new threat coming to Outbreak as well as a more in-depth explanation of the new operators are still scarce. Gigamax Games will continue following this new content until  Gigs and Mack are able to get hands-on with the update.