Sea of Thieves: Unprecedented Demand According to Rare

Sea of Thieves has seen a huge amount of players join its open world pirate adventure since it launched. This has largely been the reason the game has had an extensive amount of technical issues that are frustrating those sailing the oceans. Despite the glitches, developer Rare issued an update from the studio head, Craig Duncan, and executive producer, Joe Neate, stating that the game reached 1 million players across the PC and Xbox One in just 48 hours. The blog post also detailed what the company is doing to address the bugs players are encountering.

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What Comes Next?

"We have seen unprecedented numbers coming into Sea of Thieves and playing Sea of Thieves. The interest has been insane; the amount of people playing has been mind-blowing," Neate said. (

Currently, Sea of Thieves is free for subscribers of Xbox Games Pass. Although, Microsoft has yet to share the details on how many people have purchased the game as opposed to the free download their subscription service offers. Another factor to consider is that Xbox Games Pass offers a free trial for the service and many players may have taken advantage of that to try the massively marketed game. Despite those factors, 1 million players in only two days is a huge feat.

Rare Explains...

In the video, Rare explains that at one point after the game came out on March 20th, the player count was rising at a rate of 5,000 people per minute. Even though Rare held multiple stress tests before release, they were not prepared for the massive influx of pirates that were ready to set sail. Now, most of the game's problems are scale related and the team is reportedly working 24/7 to make sure the issues are resolved.

Sea of Thieves just got a huge new patch that fixed many of the issues with the game's online infrastructure but many are still experiencing problems that will hopefully be solved soon.

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