Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 is finally available and gamers welcomed this charming look into Spider-Man’s life with open arms. There’s nothing better than swinging around New York City for hours, but the gameplay is what really stands out. If a gamer ever really wanted to feel like Spider-Man, the latest game will itch that scratch.

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Spider-Man Gameplay Breakdown

Staying true to Spider-Man, Insomniac Games did an incredible job delivering an authentic experience. Characters from all throughout Spider-Man’s history make an appearance, sure to please any die-hard fan. Even those that aren’t the biggest Spider-Man fans can appreciate all the exciting gadgets and seamless combat mechanics that make every encounter feel unique and look spectacular.

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Besides all the fun gamers can have keeping the mean streets of New York free from crime, the story is impeccable. The developers did an amazing job making players feel like the fate of the city is truly in their hands. Spider-Man has a great deal of responsibility and has the power to make sure the strong arm of justice reigns supreme. Along with the story, gamers will also be able to find a large selection of collectibles around the map. The game even marks them on the map so gamers can easily pick up every little bit of story hidden around NYC. These collectibles are definitely a highlight of the experience, especially for fans looking for objects from Peter Parker’s past.

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