Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch Playlist

Super Mario Party is finally available for the Nintendo Switch. The Gigamax Games crew takes a brief look at what makes the Switch version unique and worth a gamers time. Besides its endearing, lovable board game like gameplay, Super Mario Party is one of the most frustrating Mario Party games to ever release.

Super Mario Party [Nintendo Switch] with Gigamax Games

Sticking with the spirit of the game, anything can happen after rolling the dice. Super Mario Party on the Switch is where minigames are played and friendships come to die. There’s no telling how a round will turn out. With so many new, unique items like the Alley Phone, even Bots on Normal can put a seasoned gamer in their place.

Is Super Mario Party worth the money? Before you buy, take a look at the Super Mario Party – Playlist with Gigamax Games and you decide. This beautiful take on Mario Party might not be for everyone. However, any old fans of the franchise will more than likely feel right at home in this world occupied by colorful maps and utter randomness.

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