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MT Summit: College Pro Tour Competitor Interviews

MT Summit: College Pro Tour Competitor Interviews

Gamers of all kinds came together at the Cradle of Aviation in Long Island, New York to celebrate the College Pro Tour, hosted by Mid Tier Summit Gaming. Five tournaments, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros 4, Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros Melee, and Dragon Ball FigherZ, were taking place throughout the day and the action was non-stop. Gigamax Games was on location, speaking with competitors and the MT Summit crew to see what these tournaments mean to the gaming community and the individuals that put it all together.

MT Summit

The first thing that becomes absolutely clear when walking around to the different tournament stations is that these competitors are extremely supportive of one another. No judgments and incredibly accepting, MT Summit Gaming did an amazing job creating an environment where gamers of all skill levels can thrive.

“It’s incredible actually,” said Vinny, who was competing in the Super Smash Bros 4 tournament. He went on to explain, “It feels like there’s a lot at stake even though it’s a smaller tournament.”

Big Prizes and Support

Gamers from all over the island couldn't wait for their chance to get a piece of the over $1000 in prize support, including a brand new Nintendo Switch. With such an amazing first prize, there was actually a lot at stake. However, even with the massive prize pool, the competition floor was still anything but cutthroat. Toxicity that is so often associated with the gaming community was nowhere to be found. A friendly atmosphere and gamers building other gamers up was the common theme of the event.

When speaking to SoulArts, the second place winner of the Super Smash Bros tournament, he stated, “The community has a lot of intertwined bonds” and after this weekend, that is evident.

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Even with all the good vibes throughout the tournament, people were still there to compete and have a good time.

Whan (Chibi Whan), who was competing in the Street Fighter V tournament is new to the competitive scene and was excited to find out about MT Summits latest event. “I’ve been waiting for a Street Fighter V tournament for like, ever.” He goes on to say, “[I’m] trying to get a little more competitive with this kind of thing - I know more than I did a couple months ago, but I still have a way to go.” It’s great to see those new to the competitive gaming scene get involved and with the atmosphere MT Summit created, it’s a perfect first step into eSports as a whole.

Gamers From Every Skill Level

Another gamer Gigamax Games had a chance to meet was Synchronaizah. It was his first time at an MT Summit tournament and he seemed excited. “I’m ready for it,” he said. After hearing about how close MT Summits College Pro Tour was to his house, it was clear he wanted to get involved, “I should just go and do this." 

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Not only where there new faces, Gigs, and Mack met up with some people that attended previous MT Summit tournaments. The crew first met Tony (SolidTony), formally from Crossfire gaming, at one of MT Summits first events last year. He’s a bit of a veteran of the competitive gaming scene. “About when Smash 4 came out, I played it religiously and I’ve traveled, I went through a lot of tournaments.” It was incredible having the chance to get some perspective from a seasoned gamer. Tony continued, “We used to run our own events [on Long Island] and we kinda just stopped and real life happened. I took a pretty big hiatus with competing. I love gaming, I love competing.”

The tournament spanned all day. Gigs and Mack made so many new friends and learned so much about the Long Island gaming community. There were contributors selling incredible handmade and 3D printed gaming gear and there was always a place open for a free play with some great people. One of those new faces the Gigamax crew had the chance to meet was RickyG, the winner of the Super Smash Bros 4 tournament.

Winners Share Amazing Advice

RickyG left the MT Summit tournament with a brand new Nintendo Switch and even though his tournament ended halfway through the event, he stuck around all the way until the end. Catching up with RickyG after his big win, we found out a little bit about this talented gamer. “I only just kinda sorta started getting back into [the competitive scene]”. He definitely knew the Long Island Smash scene well, “At one point I would say I was one of the best players on Long Island but nowadays you have a lot of great players. There is some really rising talent. There’s a deep bond within the community. What brought me back is that I made a lot of friends in the scene.” Ricky also had some amazing advice for any future or currently competing gamers, “Don’t be afraid to talk to gamers at a higher level than you.”

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Mike (Face), owner of Aion Gaming and Super Smash Bros Melee competitor who took home first place had another bit of important information for any gamer, “You can’t control how good your opponent is at all, spending any time on that is fruitless.” He went on to explain how focusing on practicing and improving yourself is the only thing that a person can do to keep getting better. 

There were so many gamers attending that are working hard every day trying to find their own space within the massive industry. Trevor, a Stream Technician from GenGaming and Aion Gaming, shared a few words of wisdom for anyone trying to get involved in the gaming industry. “There are so many ways you can get into [the gaming industry]. When you think about eSports and regular sports, there’s a lot of common allies.” He explained, “You can write, you can podcast, you can live stream, you can run tournaments like the guys at Mid Tier Summit are doing and what we’re doing over at Aion gaming, you can be a stream technician.”

Looking Forward

Not only was the College Pro Tour an exciting tournament, it was an amazing overall experience. Getting a chance to meet like-minded gamers, all from diverse backgrounds and at different stages in their competitive gaming journey was inspirational. It was fantastic to see top-tier gamers were giving advice to the newer competitors. MT Summit Gaming and the tournaments they host are the embodiment of what the Gigamax crew believes in, gamers can build each other up and thrive together.

Be sure to stop by again on Friday to check out the exclusive interview with some of the core members from Mid Tier Summit Gaming!


Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Playlist

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Playlist

It’s been 5 years since the release of the last Marvel vs. Capcom game and finally, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is here. Surrounded by controversy, this Marvel vs. Capcom game has confused many gamers. X-Men aren’t included and the character models have been making headlines because of their odd appearances. Even with these issues, the game still delivers as an exciting fighting game.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, marvel v capcom, gigamax games, youtuber, youtube, gigamax, latest games, new releasesThere have been a few changes to the fighting mechanics, removing the high, medium and low attacks with something a little more streamlined. Combos’ seem easier to pull off and the other than the character models, the graphics and environments are spectacular. The mixed reactions about the quality of the game still don’t outshine the fact that Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is still a great fighter and welcomed addition to the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise.

Local Gamers Go Head To Head

Recently, Gigamax attended a Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Tournament hosted by Mid-Tier Summit Gaming in Long Island, New York. It was amazing to see local gamers pull off some professional moves and stun the crowd with action-packed battles. You can learn more about MTS’s latest tournament, here. 

Marvel vs. Capcom on YouTube 

You can find the Marvel vs. Capcom playlist below. Even though Gigs and Mack couldn’t get past the wonky character modes, take a look at the gameplay and see if it’s the right game for you! You be the judge and let us know your impression of the game in the comments!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to watch and for visiting Be sure to check back here for new episodes of Marvel vs. Capcom with Gigamax Games. Even though the crew couldn’t get past the character model issue, the game delivered a worthwhile fighting game experience and absolutely deserves a revisit.


Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Trailer Reveals New Info

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Battle for the Multiverse

A new trailer for the upcoming brawler, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite revealed a ton of new information about the game. The debut is set for September 19th on PS4, Xbox One and PC but the more important reveal was 8 characters that are joining the fray.  The story trailer also offers a look at the new villains that are ready to destroy the multiverse.

Two Universes Become One

Capcom will be bringing back a number of familiar face such as Chun-Li, Strider and Chris Redfield. While Marvel also had their share of iconic characters shown off like Hulk, Hawkeye, Thor and Rocket Raccoon. These two universes are combining to bring down the Marvel antagonist, Ultron, who has combined his powers with the villain from Mega Man X, Sigma.

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Both of the villains formed an alliance and forced the universes together. This is all in an attempt to release a virus that will let them reign over the two worlds. The battle for the multiverse will take place throughout a cinematic story mode which is a new addition for the series.

Capcom also revealed two new stages making their way into the game. Both Avengers Tower and Throne Room will be playable at launch. These maps are sure to please Marvel fans as they are both located in the universe.

Marvel Vs. Capcom, marvel, capcom, new games, new releases , gigamax, gigamax games

Their will reportedly be multiple iterations of Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite. Aside from the standard version, players will be able to pick up a deluxe edition that includes the base game and the character pass, giving them access to six additional characters after launch, including Sigma. A Collector's Edition will be available containing four character dioramas, Infinity Stone replicas and a steel book case that contains the deluxe edition of the game. The collector's edition is set at the hefty price of $199.99.

While a lot of information has been revealed, fans are certainly itching for more. Capcom is sure to release more trailers and demos as the imminent release nears. So don't forget to keep checking back with for more details on this highly anticipated fighter as more information becomes available!


ARMS: A Look at Nintendo’s New IP with GIGAMAX

Boy Are My ARMS Tired

One of the most exciting bits of information from Nintendo’s Treehouse Live showing of the Switch was a new IP named ARMS. The old time developer is still managing to innovate with this unique fighting game that looks like a cross between “Punch-Out” and “Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots”. Many were skeptical at the beginning of the trailer. By the end were excited about its potential and judging by the gameplay demos, this game is shaping up to be a hit at launch.

ARMS fighter

When first seeing this game in action, the first thought that pops up is “Wii Boxing”. Upon further investigation, it goes much deeper than a party boxing game. Using the Joy-Con motion sensing controllers, players will throw gloved punches at competitors in this 3rd person arena fighting game. After just two matches of this adrenaline fueled game it starts to show its truly competitive colors. The first match is spent learning the basics punching, blocking and movement. However, during the second match the meta starts to open u. Finding unique character counters; parrying and timing grapples all become part of this deceptively tough experience.

Of course the core of the game is just plain old punching, but player’s ARMS are able to shoot ten feet in front of them. If necessary, the character can also add a curve to get around blocks. Every single punch is able to be blocked, if a block is timed right the opponent’s arm can be knocked to the ground and left useless for a short amount of time. Blocking is not a surefire method for success though, every block can be broken by a well timed grapple. These moves are performed by moving both the Joy-Con controllers forward at the same time, miss this though and the player is open for a rapid fire assault.

The Core Mechanics

The five characters shown offer a look at the further complexity of the game. They range from your basic light, medium and heavy classes but each has the choice of three different weapons. These weapons can be different on each fist, giving every fighter a multitude of options. They also each have a unique ability for example Ninjara. The ninja themed fighter uses a dash to disappear and reappear in short distances.

With accurate motion controls and very interesting mechanics ARMS has the ability to be the next big competitive fighting game. The demo was an interesting look at this unique experience but as of now, more content is necessary for this game to truly fit the $60 price point. With Nintendo’s recent interest in listening to the community, we are sure that this game will offer plenty of excitement and make the Switch even more worth the money. Hopefully this game doesn’t turn into another gimmick, but as of now it is shaping up to be quite the opposite.


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