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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Coming To Switch This Summer

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Coming To Switch This Summer

The Nintendo Switch title, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is making its way west this summer. This game is the same as Monster Hunter XX which released last year in Japan on the portable console. The upcoming online action RPG will be exclusively released on the Switch in both North America and Europe on August 28th.

We had the chance to play the Japanese version when it was first released on the Switch. Find gameplay below and learn how to pick up the untranslated version in the video below!

Unlock Monster Hunter XX for North American Switch & Gameplay

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is an updated version of the popular series last appearance on the 3DS family of systems. Extra features include additional content, two new fighting styles, named alchemy and valor, a new Elder Dragon, and a brand new end game boss. Fans of the series will also be able to take on "G" ranked quests. Capcom says these new quests will feature tougher versions of the monsters players know and love.

Players that also own the 3DS version of the game will be able to transfer their save file over to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the Switch and continue playing with the hunters they have already built up. The game also adds the ability to control Hunter Arts with touchscreen inputs. Hunter Arts are powerful attacks that were introduced in the 3DS version of the title and allow players to activate devastating attacks. The game will also support both local and online multiplayer, which is nothing new for the series.

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It's About Time

Until recently, Monster Hunter XX was only available in Japan. The game initially launched on the 3DS last March and was ported over to the new system in August. Although the Switch version was a huge success for Capcom, the publisher said it had no plans of porting the game outside of Japan.

Like most of the games before it, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will be receiving cross-promotional content with Nintendo. The Japanese version of the game included an event that allowed players to earn Link's Champion Tunic from Breath of the Wild. It's been a great year to be a North American Monster Hunter fan. Monster Hunter: World is spectacular and now Switch owners will be able to pick up where they left off in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate in August.


Monster Hunter Gameplay – YouTube Playlist

Monster Hunter Gigamax Games YouTube Playlist

With a brand new Monster Hunter coming to PlayStation 4, it was time to update the Monster Hunter Playlist. The Demo for Monster Hunter: World was available for a limited time and the Gigamax crew was lucky enough to give it a try. It was amazing to see what the PlayStation 4 can do for this iconic series. The gameplay was unlike any previous game and it only made the gaming community more excited for the full release.

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The playlist below includes gameplay from the Monster Hunter: World demo as well as the walkthrough to open up Monster Hunter XX on the North American Nintendo Switch. Be sure to stick around for more videos!

Jump to 6:30 for the gameplay!

This is where the relatively new insect glaive goes to work on one of the most iconic boss variations from the series. Those familiar with the franchise will instantly recognize the classic dinosaur but might not have had the chance to play with this weapon. Unfortunately, Gigs and Mack have no idea which stance they’re using as all the text is still in Japanese. Well, not all of it, which they found incredibly confusing.

Porting the Japanese Demo to the North American Nintendo Switch isn’t a complicated process at all! The walkthrough is clear and concise and if you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment and Gigs or Mack will get right back to you.

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Includes, SPECIAL EPISODE: Unlock Monster Hunter XX for North American Switch! & Gameplay

The Gigamax crew are huge fans of the Monster Hunter franchise and the new PlayStation 4 version has us on the edge of our seats. More Monster Hunter videos are sure to pour in fast once it's released.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to stop by. Don’t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe for more!


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