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PUBG Gets Massive New Update 21 Patch

PUBG may need to compete with Fortnite, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Battlefield V in the Battle Royale Space but that hasn't stopped Bluehole from staying current with their take on the genre. The most recent update adds plenty of new stuff and fixes an extensive amount of bugs. Referred to as Update 21, this patch brings a new mode, weapon, vehicle, weapon attachment, and reward system.

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Update 21 Answers Requests

Update 21 also adds a much-requested feature to the game, a training mode that allows players to practice with the collection of tools available in multiplayer matches. This training area is set on a small island based map and contains fourteen zones for practicing different situations. Some of these areas include ramps, roads with sharp turns, gun ranges, a parachute practice zone, a location for rooftop free running, and an explosives range.

Bluehole added a new gun to all three multiplayer maps called the MK47 Mutant as well. This rifle takes 7.62 ammo and has a 20 round magazine. The gun also has two firing modes which include single shot and two round burst. Almost all rifle attachments can be affixed to the rifle, except stocks.

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The jungle island based map, Sanhok, will be receiving a new three-person motorcycle known as the Tukashai. While not the fastest vehicle in the game, it handles offroad better than any other bike.

Update 21 contains an objective system that adds rewards for completing a variety of different tasks such as picking up teammates or damage dealt with a single attack. Players will now have the ability to mark points on the compass so their squad has a better idea of where callouts are located. A new laser sight has also made its way to PUBG that fits on the bottom of rifles. Like in most games, it increases accuracy, but those with it equipped risk giving up their position.

For a full look at what Update 21 changed, find the full patch notes on the Steam message board. With PUBG out on Xbox One, there's sure to be plenty more updates in the future so be sure to keep checking back with us here at for all the details!



Is Doomfist Finally Coming to Overwatch?

Is Doomfist Finally Coming to Overwatch?

After much speculation and waiting, it appears that fans may finally see Doomfist in Overwatch. This hero has been teased almost since the game's first additional hero, Ana was introduced. From in game posters to a major celebrity visiting Blizzard's office, players have been anticipating the much fated reveal for almost an entire year.

Overwatch's latest PTR update suggests that all this waiting is finally over. Aptly titled "Doomfist / Summer Games" it seems Blizzard is finally ready to show off a brand new character and reintroduce the first seasonal event they held. The name for the PTR update was revealed to players that experienced crashes while using the new highlight saving feature, which lets fans save their best "Play of the Game." After the crash, the following crash log referred to the current version of the PTR as "Doomfist / Summer Games." As of now the reference has been removed but you can see a screenshot of the original crash log below.

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Jake Kaplan Weighs In

While the game's director, Jake Kaplan, has stated that the summer games event could return, no one at Blizzard has said anything about Doomfist. The backstory to the character was only made clear after fans fell in love with the idea of him joining the game. This could all potentially be a joke on Blizzard's part to extend the hype for the character or the beginning of a long series of frustrating hints, much like Sombra's reveal. Although Blizzard never officially revealed anything, it hasn't stopped fans from creating lore or Terry Crews from petitioning to play the character.

The introduction of Doomfist into Overwatch would be an awesome treat for next month. Recently, Blizzard stated that they would like to add something new every month. With the Lunar Colony map released last week fans were already speculating what July would hold and this could be the answer. Gigamax will be keeping a close eye on the Doomfist rumor so make sure to keep checking back for more!


Agents Of Mayhem: New Trailer & Release Date

Agents of Mayhem: New Trailer & Release Date

The developer behind the Saints Row series, Volition,  released more details and a new trailer for their upcoming game Agents Of Mayhem. They also announced that the game will be released on August 15th in the U.S. and August 18th in Europe.

The new trailer shows off some of the chaotic battles and awesome equipment players can expect to experience. The story surrounds a group of warriors in a distant future where the only ones that can save the government and global corporations is this group of misfits deemed the Agents Of Mayhem. Fans of the Saints Row series will notice a lot of tributes to Volition's premier title, such as the evil company Ultor Group and the popular symbol/purple color scheme.

The trailer has plenty of nods to The A Team, with the iconic music playing for most of the video. This is probably because the heroes are known to destroy more than they save. Toward the end, Volition makes a tribute to the classic show Knight Rider.

Players will have the opportunity to take control of a group of three heroes and use a variety of different over the top abilities and gadgets to help take down the enemy. The game will be coming out for PS4, Xbox One and PC but when asked about a Switch port, the developer said there were no plans at this time.


Titanfall 2: Bigger & Better than the Original

In a market over saturated with games that feel it’s necessary to launch you into space with a slew of advanced tech, Titanfall manages to stand out above the typical future based shooter. This sequel accomplishes the same intense mix of ground/robot combat mix that made the original unique and makes it feel much more natural, engaging, and exciting This entry also adds a campaign mode, satisfying many critics of the original’s lack thereof. While the game is a fun romp through kill hallways in campaign mode and action packed battle grounds of multiplayer, it is not without its flaws. These slip-ups don’t ruin the experience but they are something the development team should look back at and fine tune to make the next game perfect.Pilot and Titan looking out into the distance

Titanfall 2 is made with the action packed shooter fan in mind, those that enjoy games like Call of Duty and Battlefield will feel right at home with the controls and may even discover a newfound love of mech fighters along the way. While the gunplay and movement feel fluid, you are left with a generic list of guns to test these improved mechanics with. The lack of diversity in firearms leaves the firefights feeling a little repetitive, if only because you will quickly find two guns that can easily carry you to the end of the level or multiplayer match. Luckily the game has its fast and easy-to-use movement system that encourages constant travel to make every combat experience feel fresh and unique despite the lack of an arsenal.  

Let’s move onto the main reason most play Titanfall: the Titans. Titan combat feels faster, more diverse, and more intense than its predecessor. Gone are the three generic Titan shells: small, medium, and large. These boring frames have been replaced by completely unique titan classes that each come with their own set of powers and weapons. For example, players are able to use the ‘Ronin’ class Titan which comes with a sword and a short distance teleport ability, or they can equip the ‘Ion’ class which lets the player use a variety of laser based weaponry. Another great change to the Titans is the awesome cinematic kills that snap the camera out to third person as your machine gracefully tears apart the enemy’s giant robot.Pilot entering robot to prepare for titanfall

With all the good additions Respawn Entertainment has made, it’s expected that their would be a few downsides to this otherwise great game. One of the biggest complaints to be had is the overly generic plot that is rife with cheesy military dialogue. The initial conversations with your mechanized companion ‘BT’ are endearing at first, as his trivial understanding of human based emotions lead to some funny conversations, but ultimately these jokes become overused very quickly. Platforming sections are littered throughout the campaign, and for the most part they are fun ways to split up the fighting sequences. The only problem with these parts is the game is very quick to show you how to get through them, eliminating any challenge that they may have posed.

Overall Titanfall 2 was an amazing experience I would recommend to anyone looking for a new high intensity shooter and wants a little more than the standard running and gunning. The game’s campaign, while short and lacking an interesting plot, was still a great time and multiplayer will keep players coming back for more with a plethora of different game modes and levels to gain. Respawn Entertainment has made a game that can compete with today’s big name shooters, and hopefully this series will be here to stay.

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