A new story trailer for The Division 2 has been officially revealed by Ubisoft, and it gives an in-depth look into what the narrative of the RPG shooter will look like in post apocalyptic Washington D.C.

This time players will take control of an Agent in The Division that survived the events of the first game and has to head to the capital of the United States. The narrator of the trailer says that the nation is divided and slipping into a civil war. The players character is thus given a mission to restore democracy to the country and take out various terrorist groups.

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The Division 2: New Story, New Gear

As well as revealing some interesting story details, the trailer shows off new gear that will be available to players such as the drone and crossbow. It also appears like players will have more of an impact on the environment as explosions and bullet fire seemingly tear apart a variety of structures.

The Division 2 is set to release on March 15th, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Unfortunately for Steam users, the game will only release on Epic Games new store and Ubisoft's online market on the PC. A private beta is being held for any that pre-ordered the title on February 7th.

This franchise had an interesting life. The first game was exciting at first but appeal quickly faded for the majority. It held on to a strong following of devoted agents and Ubisoft did support the game over its lifecycle. Now that The Division 2 is releasing, and the developer had a chance to see what gamers want from the experience, the franchise has a good chance of making a massive impact in March.