Top 5 Tips for New PC Gamers That You Might Not Know

PC gaming was a long-time calling and now you are finally here. Maybe you decided to transition from console gaming, become a professional video game reviewer, or streaming is in your blood. If you have decided to get into PC gaming today, the abundance of information to get you started can be overwhelming. Distribution platforms, hardware, software, expansive game libraries are just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Presenting, 5 tips for new PC gamers that you might not know.


Set-up: Hardware & Software 


To transition, you are going to need to invest in a PC and gaming set-up. Study brands and price ranges carefully, take the time to research the internet and stores to make the right choice. For example, AMD and NVIDIA are good reference points for graphic cards; Intel and Asus for processors/motherboards; Dell and Samsung for monitors, etc. Next, comes the “sword” and “shield” aka mouse and keyboard. You can always use console controllers to play on the PC, but when competing in FPS or real-time strategy games, it’s a no brainer that you will need a mouse and keyboard to prove you are the best. Once that is done, make sure to install all the latest drivers for your PC and remember to constantly keep them updated. Finally, get a good gaming chair, as it is your pilot seat on the journey that is PC gaming. Having a good posture is not only good for your health but will help keep you sharp in the most epic of engagements. As with most technological accessories in life, don’t forget to keep your hardware and place of gaming clean. This way it will provide you with hours-on-end of exceptional entertainment.


Use distribution platforms: Steam, Epic, GoG


It is simple, download the Steam, Epic, and GoG clients…now. While there are more than three distribution platforms, these are the ones that provide gamers with the most added value. They are all great, but to differentiate, we’ll go over some unique characteristics of each one:

Steam – this is where most PC gamers start from. Valve’s distribution platform has the largest library of games on the market and comes with tons of gamer-friendly features, like the flexible refund program that allows you to try a game out and “return it” if it doesn’t suit your taste.

Epic Games Store – the huge player base of Fortnight allowed Epic to enter in direct competition with Valve’s Steam. While it doesn’t boast the same number in terms of available games, they partnered with developers and publishers to give out Free games every week (that are rotating out of the “Free price range” at the end of the week). Games like GTA V and Just Cause 4 and Celeste are only a few of the big standouts that were available for free and you will do yourself a favor by checking to download it.

GOG – games that are DRM free is the pitch for CD Project’s (developers of the Witcher series) “Good old Games”. If you crave playing classics like Heroes 3 or Dwarf Fortress, GoG is the distribution platform for you, since its library includes games developed even way before the 2000s. DRM is a hot industry topic, but for brevity sake – No DRM means is that you won’t need the client to play the game and you will be able to share it with friends as you see fit.

The above-mentioned distribution platforms are worthy additions to your PC gaming experience. Not only do they provide extensive game libraries and competitive marketplaces, but they are also building great communities around their platforms (more on that later) and provide players with choices. There are more distribution platforms on the market like Ubisoft’s Uplay, but you’ll discover the rest at your own pace. Before we go to the next step remember this rule of thumb – check and wait for sales, there are tons of them on every platform.


Experiment with genres


This one is a given as genres will become part of your gaming world. As individuals, there are specific experiences we crave for, at different periods in our gaming life. Variety and personality come in the form and mix of FPS, RTS, turn-based, horror, story-driven adventures, platformers, etc. Similar to Pokémon, you “Gotta Play ‘Em All” to cement your status of a PC gamer, from indies to AAAs. Once a favorite genre is picked, you’ll be able to hone in as some are more single-player focused, while others boast massive competitive scenes.


Become part of a community: Twitch, Discord, Reddit 


At Gigamax games we believe in the value of gaming communities. Starting as a PC gamer means, you’ll need help with tutorials, tips, and tricks, or just simple open-ended communication around a particular game you enjoy. That’s why becoming part of a community is important. We suggest, jumping onto Discord servers of games you love, find Twitch channels with streamers that play games that are of interest to you, and of course, join that (sub) Reddit community to share your best gaming moments with people worldwide. According to numerous reviews from essay writers on EssayUniverse and AssignmentGeek “being part of a gaming community doesn’t just provide a sense of belonging, but helps gamers save time with a particular quest or mechanic when stuck”.


Options and Game-Life Balance 


The PC gamer experience is highly customizable. Without going too much into resolutions, texture quality, anti-aliasing, or frames per second as all will become part of your day-to-day vocabulary, remember that a PC game has tons of available options and settings for you to experiment with. If you feel your hardware doesn’t run a game well, just go to the graphics tab and try lowering the resolution or turn off shadows. If you feel there’s more power in your machine, just crank the options to Ultra. Be patient and take the time to research the number of available “Settings” and there is no game you won’t be able to play.

One last important tip, balance your time in front of the computer with sports, outside activity and movement. You want to stay healthy and fresh to get the best out of your PC gamer’s journey. Take care of yourself and keep on gaming!



Isabell Gaylord provides professional essay help with academic papers as a researcher for a college essay writing service. Daily, she is involved in dissertation writing services while being knowledgeable of every class, aura, and stat available in the WoW universe.

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