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Mid-Tier Summit: Another Step Forward in the World of eSports

Mid-Tier Summit: Another Step Forward in the World of eSports

Long Island, NY’s Mid-Tier Summit is an event organizer which hosts eSports tournaments for a wide variety of games including but not limited to, Super Smash Bros., Dragon Ball FighterZ, Street Fighter V, and Call of Duty WWII. At the beginning of June, the company announced their next step forward into the world of eSports. The company has founded their very own eSports team. President and Lead Tournament Organizer, Alex handpicked each individual that would be taking a spot on the new Mid-Tier Summit eSports team.

Team Members include:

  • AfroThunder
  • Swool Cthulhu
  • Stride – @MTS_Stride
  • Gingy – @MTS_Gingy
  • And President and Lead Tournament Organizer himself, Alex – @Holc55

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CEO of Mid-Tier Summit, Joe had this to say about the company’s new eSports team, “Since the inception of this company, it has been our vision at Mid-Tier Summit not only provide world-class tournaments, but also world class players to challenge the competition. This has been something my business partner Alex has always been exceptionally passionate about, and Alex took the time to hand-select every player that has joined our team. He has really put together a special group of players, and I am really excited to watch them show the world what Mid-Tier Summit is all about.”

Gigamax Games has been following and attending Mid-Tier Summit events since August of 2017. Since then, they have continued to impress the Long Island, NY competitive gaming community. Their events, their prizes, and the company has continued to grow. The future looks bright for the video game tournament organizers and now, eSport team owners.

MTS – Smash at the Cradle (August 2017)

Based in Long Island, NY, Mid-Tier Summit is an event organizer and now eSports team owner. Hosting a variety of tournaments, the company has an exciting year lined up. For more information on Mid-Tier Summit and news about the incredible team, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and keep up with all the action on the Mid-Tier Summit community page on Gigamax Games.

MT Summit Gaming: Local eSports & The People Behind It

MT Summit Gaming: Local eSports & The People Behind It

Gamers are a special breed. They put their time and effort into their craft and break down any barrier in their way. Gathering achievements in the games play and out in real life, Mid Tier Summit Gaming, also known as MT Summit, is an organization stands as an inspiration to anyone interested in the video game industry. Hosting tournaments that range from Super Smash Bros to Dragon Ball FighterZ, this Long Island, NY based company is doing something amazing for the gaming community. Bringing together different competitors of all skills levels, the tournaments they host are focused on bringing the community up, together.

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A New Take On Competitive Gaming

Mid Tier Summit recently hosted the College Pro Tour. Gigamax Games was on location and spoke with both competitors and the driven individuals behind this eSports organization. It was amazing to learn about the gamers taking part in the tournament and the people that founded Mid Tier Summit.

Find the interviews with the gamers that took part in MT Summit Gamings, College Pro Tour!

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Organizations like MT Summit are the embodiment of what can happen when gamers come together to accomplish a goal. Turning that idea or dream into something bigger is possible, no matter where someone is from or what they’re doing today. Gigamax Games sat down with many of the founding members to learn more about how this company was brought into existence and what was the driving force behind it all.

Interviews and New Friends

Gigs and Mack caught up with Chris, the CFO for MT Summit and wanted to see what drove him to play a part in helping build up the gaming community around Long Island, “I’m shy, [MT Summit] gave me the opportunity to branch out and gaming was a great platform because I felt comfortable with it. Other people who may or may not be shy can get into something that seems very scary, like competing. When I first started, my goal was to come in as a little bit of the money man. My intentions were to do something different that I’ve never done before. My goal is to reach people.”

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Even though Chris primarily plays shooters and doesn’t compete in fighting tournaments, he found a way to get involved in the community he loves. There’s no right or wrong way to play a part in the video game industry and there’s a place for everybody.

Born Leader

Taking a second to escape the crowd, the Gigamax crew sat down with Joe, CEO of MT Summit and Tim, Creative Lead. Joe was asked how he found himself leading the organization and gave a surprising response, “Alex reached out to me, while I was still at the University of Virginia and asked if I wanted to help work on [MT Summit] and I said, no I don’t. That ended that for a while. I kinda came back to it later and was like, you know what, it could be fun. I’ve played video games my entire life and gaming is definitely a growing industry.”

Joe continues, “My initial hesitation was that I’m a public policy guy and I was getting my masters degree and when he asked me I was in the middle of writing my thesis. I realized as things were winding down that I had some free time, and this could be something really cool. “ A natural born leader, Joe had the unique ability to step into a leadership role. Again, this is a prime example of an individual that loves gaming and has his own unique set of skills finding his spot within the amazing gaming community. It was fascinating to learn about how Joe got involved and goes to show no one knows what tomorrow can bring.

The Creative Vision

Tim, Creative Lead is responsible for all the branding materials that come out of MT Summit. He too had an interesting journey that led him to take a vital seat within the organization. “Alex kinda approached me one day when we were hanging out and said, hey Tim you do all this art stuff right, and he showed me logos they were working on. Fortunately, they weren’t spending too much money on it. What ultimately wound up happening was that I said, give me 5 minutes and I’m going to make a quick rough sketch. At first, all I was there to do was to set up the branding and logos, evenly I was asked if I wanted to be a part of [MT Summit].”

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Now, Tim holds a critical role in MT Summit. All the posters, merchandise, and anything else with graphics, Tim is the one that puts it all together. An artist at heart, he found a way to turn that talent into means of being enveloped by the gaming community that’s so close to his heart.

Inspired and Determined

The one with the initial vision to bring MT Summit into existence was, Alex. With aspirations of one day being a professional eSports competitor, a master at fighting games in his own right, he saw an opportunity to do what he loves but in a different way. Alex is the main tournament organizer, in charge of the brackets and getting players involved. “I participated in a tournament called Defend the North and there weren’t any tournaments like this back at home. That was last year around February.”

This realization eventually lead him to come up with the vision for MT Summit Gaming. But first, there were obstacles he needed to overcome. “I need[ed] people that were reliable enough to help me start this.” Eventually, he went on to cultivate the amazing team he’s working with today. One at a time, he connected the dots with help from the team and formed the MT Summit we see today.

It was clear he had a passion for what MT Summit stood for. Every word was sincere, and there was no doubt he was giving his all to bring this organization to new heights. “It’s honestly amazing, this whole process has been amazing.”

Even with this passion, there were still lessons Alex was learning. [One of the main challenges was] “understanding this position more, as a tournament organizer there are still things I don’t know. I’m self-taught” To continue learning, Alex faced these challenges head-on with his incredible team. Speaking with other event organizers around Long Island, collaboration played a large role in his education and has proven to be incredibly beneficial as the College Pro Tour came together in a spectacular way.

Final Thoughts

This story should be an inspiration to anyone that wants to get involved in the gaming community. Years of experience is a plus but drive, determination, and a willingness to learn will pay off in success.

Each one of these individuals had a very different story and took a unique path that led them to the door of MT Summit Gaming. The brainchild of Alex, he went on to find a reliable group of like-minded people with a shared dream to accomplish a spectacular goal. They’ve already reached some impressive milestones within the Long Island gaming community and it’s just the beginning.

There is so much more to the story behind MT Summit Gaming. This is not just the beginning of their journey, but the start of a fascinating story. To learn more about MT Summit, be sure to check out their Facebook page. If you want to find out more about the team, there’s no substitute for attending one of their events in person.

Special thanks to MT Summit Gaming for inviting the Gigamax Games crew out to Long Island for this impressive event. Be sure to check back again soon for even more updates on local eSports tournaments and the entire video game industry.


MT Summit: College Pro Tour Competitor Interviews

MT Summit: College Pro Tour Competitor Interviews

Gamers of all kinds came together at the Cradle of Aviation in Long Island, New York to celebrate the College Pro Tour, hosted by Mid Tier Summit Gaming. Five tournaments, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros 4, Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros Melee, and Dragon Ball FigherZ, were taking place throughout the day and the action was non-stop. Gigamax Games was on location, speaking with competitors and the MT Summit crew to see what these tournaments mean to the gaming community and the individuals that put it all together.

MT Summit

The first thing that becomes absolutely clear when walking around to the different tournament stations is that these competitors are extremely supportive of one another. No judgments and incredibly accepting, MT Summit Gaming did an amazing job creating an environment where gamers of all skill levels can thrive.

“It’s incredible actually,” said Vinny, who was competing in the Super Smash Bros 4 tournament. He went on to explain, “It feels like there’s a lot at stake even though it’s a smaller tournament.”

Big Prizes and Support

Gamers from all over the island couldn’t wait for their chance to get a piece of the over $1000 in prize support, including a brand new Nintendo Switch. With such an amazing first prize, there was actually a lot at stake. However, even with the massive prize pool, the competition floor was still anything but cutthroat. Toxicity that is so often associated with the gaming community was nowhere to be found. A friendly atmosphere and gamers building other gamers up was the common theme of the event.

When speaking to SoulArts, the second place winner of the Super Smash Bros tournament, he stated, “The community has a lot of intertwined bonds” and after this weekend, that is evident.

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Even with all the good vibes throughout the tournament, people were still there to compete and have a good time.

Whan (Chibi Whan), who was competing in the Street Fighter V tournament is new to the competitive scene and was excited to find out about MT Summits latest event. “I’ve been waiting for a Street Fighter V tournament for like, ever.” He goes on to say, “[I’m] trying to get a little more competitive with this kind of thing – I know more than I did a couple months ago, but I still have a way to go.” It’s great to see those new to the competitive gaming scene get involved and with the atmosphere MT Summit created, it’s a perfect first step into eSports as a whole.

Gamers From Every Skill Level

Another gamer Gigamax Games had a chance to meet was Synchronaizah. It was his first time at an MT Summit tournament and he seemed excited. “I’m ready for it,” he said. After hearing about how close MT Summits College Pro Tour was to his house, it was clear he wanted to get involved, “I should just go and do this.” 

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Not only where there new faces, Gigs, and Mack met up with some people that attended previous MT Summit tournaments. The crew first met Tony (SolidTony), formally from Crossfire gaming, at one of MT Summits first events last year. He’s a bit of a veteran of the competitive gaming scene. “About when Smash 4 came out, I played it religiously and I’ve traveled, I went through a lot of tournaments.” It was incredible having the chance to get some perspective from a seasoned gamer. Tony continued, “We used to run our own events [on Long Island] and we kinda just stopped and real life happened. I took a pretty big hiatus with competing. I love gaming, I love competing.”

The tournament spanned all day. Gigs and Mack made so many new friends and learned so much about the Long Island gaming community. There were contributors selling incredible handmade and 3D printed gaming gear and there was always a place open for a free play with some great people. One of those new faces the Gigamax crew had the chance to meet was RickyG, the winner of the Super Smash Bros 4 tournament.

Winners Share Amazing Advice

RickyG left the MT Summit tournament with a brand new Nintendo Switch and even though his tournament ended halfway through the event, he stuck around all the way until the end. Catching up with RickyG after his big win, we found out a little bit about this talented gamer. “I only just kinda sorta started getting back into [the competitive scene]”. He definitely knew the Long Island Smash scene well, “At one point I would say I was one of the best players on Long Island but nowadays you have a lot of great players. There is some really rising talent. There’s a deep bond within the community. What brought me back is that I made a lot of friends in the scene.” Ricky also had some amazing advice for any future or currently competing gamers, “Don’t be afraid to talk to gamers at a higher level than you.”

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Mike (Face), owner of Aion Gaming and Super Smash Bros Melee competitor who took home first place had another bit of important information for any gamer, “You can’t control how good your opponent is at all, spending any time on that is fruitless.” He went on to explain how focusing on practicing and improving yourself is the only thing that a person can do to keep getting better. 

There were so many gamers attending that are working hard every day trying to find their own space within the massive industry. Trevor, a Stream Technician from GenGaming and Aion Gaming, shared a few words of wisdom for anyone trying to get involved in the gaming industry. “There are so many ways you can get into [the gaming industry]. When you think about eSports and regular sports, there’s a lot of common allies.” He explained, “You can write, you can podcast, you can live stream, you can run tournaments like the guys at Mid Tier Summit are doing and what we’re doing over at Aion gaming, you can be a stream technician.”

Looking Forward

Not only was the College Pro Tour an exciting tournament, it was an amazing overall experience. Getting a chance to meet like-minded gamers, all from diverse backgrounds and at different stages in their competitive gaming journey was inspirational. It was fantastic to see top-tier gamers were giving advice to the newer competitors. MT Summit Gaming and the tournaments they host are the embodiment of what the Gigamax crew believes in, gamers can build each other up and thrive together.

Be sure to stop by again on Friday to check out the exclusive interview with some of the core members from Mid Tier Summit Gaming!


Waypoint Gaming: A New Kind Of Gaming Community

Waypoint Gaming: A New Kind Of Gaming Community

There’s a new kind of gaming community in a special part of Long Island, New York that has the potential to take the world by storm. Waypoint Gaming, located at 1100 Stewart Avenue Garden City, New York, is an unassuming concept with the spectacular mission of bringing gamers together and offering them a place to test their skills with friends and competitors alike. Begining with an idea in the Fall of 2015, Cris, Co-Owner and Founder of Waypoint Gaming had a dream to build a community centered around competitive gaming.

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The Story 

Cris began putting together tournaments at his college and those small events began to pick up steam and continued to take off. Gamers from all around campus were ecstatic to finally have a place, other than a dorm room, to practice their skills and compete. Even other colleges in the area started getting involved and students from all around the area were showing up to take part in these small-scale tournaments.

Find Waypoint Gaming on Facebook!

With so much excitement surrounding these safe, responsible events one would expect the educational institution to be behind it 100%.  However, this was not the case. Instead, it was the opposite. They came down hard on Cris and his friends. The school banned the events and put an end to the eSports community that was beginning to be cultivated. But this was not the end of Cris’ dream.

A Venue Like No Other

Gaming Community, video games, cyber cafe, competitive gaming, esports

Fast forward two years and Waypoint Gaming is in the process of opening their doors to the public. Instead of giving up hope, Waypoint Gaming was born. Cris assembled a team of incredibly capable and hardworking individuals to bring the dream of creating a venue for local gamers where they can compete and test their skills to fruition. Waypoint Gaming wants to be a place that holds weekly tournaments, creating an eSports community for the Long Island area.

For a $10 fee, gamers can enter for a chance to win a cash prize or gift card. Even better, gamers have an option to pay $10 a month for free entry to all tournaments they host. Their incredible space has 27 PC’s, Monitors, PS4’s, Xbox One’s, WiiU’s, Wii’s, and eight 4k T.V.s. They even have a space dedicated to Virtual Reality gaming.

The Waypoint Gaming team has big plans for the future. Their ultimate goal is to open up a chain of locations all up and down the east coast. Local gamers are in constant search for an eSports community, to surround themselves with like-minded individuals that share a similar dream. This organization wants to create a space for these gamers and it all began with a dream in the Fall of 2015.

The Next Step

Waypoint Gaming is in the final stages of opening their doors. They expect to open to the world late December or early January depending on the towns permission. It’s amazing to see the similarity between the college in which Cris started this concept and with the town they’re struggling with to gain permission to open their doors. This eSports concept is not going away. It’s only going to grow and organizations like Waypoint Gaming are leading the way.

Learn more about Waypoint Gaming!



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